Monday, December 23, 2013

The Unspeakable Happened…

After spending a night in that Pilot Truck Stop with rain drumming on our roof all night, we were more than ready to leave at 6:30am.

However, that was not going to happen.

A last walk-around the rig revealed that we had another flat tire. It was the one sitting behind the tire we lost the previous day.
Difference today was, it was raining and we had no spare to put on.
DSC_0365 DSC_0361
First thing was to take yesterday’s shredded one and load it into the van. We left the trailer in the truck stop and followed our GPS to a tire place a few miles away. It was Turners tire and trailer service in Duncan, SC. Only a few miles from Spartanburg. However, it was only 7:30am when we got there and the workers hadn’t arrived yet. So we had to wait. However, at 8:00am the workers got busy. They located a place from where to obtain 2 tires and went out to pick them up. An hour later we had 2 new tires and we went back to the Pilot Truck Stop where I replaced the damaged wheel. We then had to go back to the tire guys to get also the 2. tire put on a rim. This time we had arrived with the trailer and after the 2.wheel had been hung on the back of the trailer for spare we
finally could hit the road. We had lost 4 hours but after all worse damage had been averted.

A few commenters have pointed out that tires must be replaced after a certain age. We are aware of that but since the trailer is just about a year old that shouldn’t be the case. Also we have had similar experience in 2005-2006 when 4 tires of our 5th wheel blew. At that time we found out that RV-manufacturers are using the cheapest tire products on their vehicles. Back then we filed a claim as much of the trailer was damaged in the blow-out and fortunately they paid us every dime of damage done.
As soon as we arrive at our destination the next 2 tires will be replaced as we are not lusting after more tire adventures.

Finally the rain stopped and the rest of the day went uneventful. That is if you don’t count that we saw a terrible accident where a car had flipped off the highway and down into a deep ditch and landed upside down flat as a pancake.

We are looking up the weather forecast and are soooo glad that we got out of winter’s grip up north. The ice storm must have been horrible.
While they had snow and ice up north it has been raining 24 hours down here. We saw some serious flooding along the highway.
DSC_0371 DSC_0367
We are parked north of Montgomery, AL about 4hrs from Freeport,FL.

DSC_0366 When we arrived at the almost empty rest area we parked as we always do at the outskirts of the parking lot. WITHIN THE HOUR a semi arrived and parked right next to us – his engine running. Can someone please just explain what makes truck drivers seek the near neighbourhood of a camper where people try to relax and possibly find some sleep. This must be the top of a rude and stupid behaviour. Strange enough we have seen that happening several times of the years.


  1. We have a Pressure Pro for our truck and 5er. Outside Portland, Oregon it saved one of my new trailer tires. Had a rubber stem, should have know better, but the pressure pro gave me plenty of warning.

  2. Hope your luck turns around soon and you get safely to your destination. At least you were still in the parking lot... as for the truck parking... I have no idea... only know it happens to us a lot. Safe Travels....

  3. We have friends that rely on pressure pro and have had blow outs. we find its better to buy good quality tires, and check them frequently when travelling and replace before you have a problem. 5 years with trailers( even though they still look new) and 6- 7 year with motorhomes. the more you use the tire the longer they will last.
    Glad you had no trailer damage!

  4. Well, this will be a trip you will not soon forget.........

  5. Glad you did not have any damage. We have had only one blow out in seven years and that was because the Motorhome manufacturer had put the wrong size time on the inside rear:(

  6. I agree with the others about quality tires and also that they must be inflated to the proper tire pressure. Under inflating tires can lead to serious blowouts.

    Hope all goes well from here on.

  7. I just couldn't believe it when I saw this post. I am so sorry for this string of bad Murphy. Safe travels tomorrow to your destination.

  8. There is never a good time for this to happen but it is a part of traveling ,it happened to us on the HWY from Toronto to S.S.M and it took an hour to switch tires,no big deal.
    Hope for the best and be ready for the worst...

  9. I asked my retired trucker husband why a semi would park next to you in an empty rest area & he immediately said "security. - safety in numbers". Isolation in an open area with easy access & escape creates more chances for crimes of opportunity. Rest areas can be very unsafe places for the lone vehicle. So a noisy neighbor may be annoying yes but comforting at the same time.

  10. Sounds like you've had quite the journey so far. Hope things turn around for you and that the rest of your trip is much better. Merry Christmas to you.

  11. I feel your pain regarding truckers who run their engines all night. I was parked at a Love's once and an RV'er parked right next to me an ran his generator all night. Glad you got the tires fixed OK.


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