Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our First Day in Florida

 It was Christmas Day when we woke up to our first full day in Florida. Birds were already singing in the old mature yard trees. It was cold – around freezing – but the sky was blue and the sun had just begun its wandering across the southern sky.
Molly and I took a walk down to the water’s edge. It’s called the Choctawachee Bay.
Pelicans are plentiful down here and I decided that the dock here would be one of my favorite places to spend time reading a book.

It was an overall very peaceful morning and I headed back in for some hot coffee,

The day progressed with us being very lazy, we felt simply worn out after our odyssey down south. The last day of traveling had gone very smooth though, we had been crossing Alabama and discovered that every Alabama rest area had a dump station, That would be a real blessing for RVers.
It was now obvious that we had gotten ourselves into the Deep South into Dixie. The forests had showed mighty trees where “Spanish Moss” was hanging off the branches.  The latin name for this moss is Tillandsia usneoides, an herb in the pineapple family. It has slender, gray moss-like stems covered with tiny leaves and inconspicuous flowers. Its long strands that hang gracefully from the branches of large trees, especially oaks like the Southern live oak, are a characteristic feature of the landscape. Most rural homes were low-slung buildings on rather large properties. There was a lot of water standing everywhere, so we figured that major rains had graced this area.
Freeport is a small town we will have to write about at another time. On this last day of travel we just cam off Hwy331 and turned west onto State Hwy 20, so we didn’t see much of the town.
We were invited for a wonderful Christmas dinner with our hosts family so we all piled into their Honda Fit and drove off. It was turkey and ham and I guess most of us ate way too much.

We didn’t really manage to stay up late that day. No, we were too tired and went to bed early. We need a couple of days for pure relaxation before we can even think of starting to explore the area.

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  1. Hope you can relax and unwind and just enjoy yourselves now.

  2. Rest well and then enjoy. After that trip, you could use it!

  3. Great warm place you picked,have fun all day every day.

  4. Enjoy the southern hospitatlity and warmth.

  5. After grueling travels one is always best to grab some rest & relaxation. For me the excitement of being in a new place generally takes over & the rest & relaxation get put on an indefinite hold................

  6. Please, do not ever hesitate about visiting a Florida State Park Campground! Every one we have been to is beautiful and well cared for. We are Floridians, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask! My current blog is about Myakka River State Park, near Sarasota! We are hoping to volunteer there soon! Enjoy your Florida visit! We are headed to Crystal River this coming Monday! We stay at Quail Roost campground there and they put on one big shingding for New Years Eve.... wouldn't miss it for anything!


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