Sunday, December 22, 2013

If NYC Is Hell What Is Washington DC?

Our 3rd day of traveling started with a mighty good breakfast prepared by Scott and Ginger. The day continued with being stuck on the Harwerth-lawn. The frost had gone out of the ground and made the surface quite slippery. So we were stuck for a while. That is until Scott brought out a few sheets of wood which we could lure under the rear wheels. Then they had to stop traffic on their busy road and I had to back the rig out of their drive way. No easy task, but we finally got out and left a hefty mark in the black top. It was one of our rear scissor jacks which scraped into the surface and got bend in the process.

Anyway, we were heading out onto I-95 South. Only a few miles and we would be in Virginia.

The excitement vanished pretty fast as we got into the first gridlock. And it wasn’t even 11:00am!
To make a real long story short: We needed 3 hours for approx. 50 miles. We got stuck in gridlock for 3hrs.!!! First we left the I-95 and tried the parallel Hwy 1, but there was no going forward there either. Three hours after our start I got enough of it all and we turned west on route 238 which finally connected us to Hwy 29 South. Light traffic from there on south brought us to Lynchburg, VA. Thanks to the 3hr. delay we got nowhere near where we wanted to be tonight. We are just now trying to figure out how many hours we have left to Freeport Fl.

On the positive side we have reached extremely warm weather in the high sixties. No heating the trailer was necessary!


  1. This time of year I think gridlock is everywhere in every city. Everybody trying to get out of town for Christmas. But you are slowly getting south. Be safe.

  2. Now I remember why we use I90 , I84, and I81 to get around all that mess we come back over to I95 at Fredericksburg even this time of year its no problem in the hills as long no storm is going through.

  3. To visit Washington DC we left the rig in a C.G next to the subway that took us directly to the Mall,all the rest we did by foot.

  4. You will be longing for the wide open spaces & lightly traveled highways of the old wild west out here. There was a time I worked in & had the patience for heavy traffic but those days are long gone now. I've driven to Florida & back from Ontario twice with the last time being in the late 60's. Can only imagine how bad it is now. Hopefully you are through the worst part. You have the weather on your side now.......


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