Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Coldest Day So Far

We have been living in Alberta once and we have experienced temperatures of –50C and THAT was COLD. It was so cold that our propane didn’t flow anymore. But that kind of weather wasn’t coming along with any wind. Now here is what happened this morning:
DSC_0590 DSC_0582
Frost Smoke on the water this morning

I opened the door, and it was almost ripped out of my hand. There was a fierce wind out of the west. I had the feeling someone had slapped me in the face. The cold was burning like thousand needles in my skin. A quick look on the outside thermometer showed –13C.  MINUS THIRTEEN DEGREES and the wind chill would easily make that –22C.
DSC_0570  DSC_0599 All bundled up…DSC_0620

DSC_0641 DSC_0640

As usual on a cold day I bundled up in several layers to walk Molly. She was just as happy on her morning walk as on any summer day. Ok, the sun was out and I had some hope of a slight warming. When we walked with Molly in the early afternoon it was ONLY MINUS 11C. Talk about a heat wave.
DSC_0567 DSC_0568
Loading up the Seniors
DSC_0562         This one would have won the price…

I haven’t talked about our senior Christmas light tour. It actually was a beautiful evening for driving around the island. After the seniors were all seated and safety belted we drove down to Mulholland Light House. The Roosevelt Park had decorated the building with beautiful lights. We continued along North Road and saw several great examples of Christmas decorations. Our next destination was Wilson’s Beach where many more houses had been decorated. Some home owners were standing in the windows waiting to see our van go by. They were waving and we waved back or even honked the horn. Everybody had a great time and all too soon we were back at the Campobello Lodge. Some of these seniors haven’t had a an island tour in years, so I’m sure they will remember this outing for a long time.




  1. Yikes! I am having a hard time relating to those kind of temperatures anymore.

  2. I'm sure the seniors tour was memorable for everyone. It's fun to get out and look at the lights....from inside a warm vehicle.
    Molly seems to be enjoying herself. That's some consolation.

  3. Why does that yellow house look likes it's sinking into the dirt on the right-hand side?

    1. Susan, it's just the horizon which got tilted a wee bit.

  4. This time I can not recommend to come over ,we too are in a snow storm all over Jerusalem (very unusual)

    1. Yes, the news are full of it. en Cairo got snowed.


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