Monday, December 30, 2013

More About Dogs On The Beach

There is sure more to be said about yesterday’s posting. F.ex. we found out that there are more Florida beaches allowing dogs on the beach, than what I mentioned yesterday. Yet Florida reaches only a low score when it comes to dogs on the beach. There are states like f.ex. North Carolina which are way more friendly to dog owners. The Florida public seems to think of dogs on the beach as a source for attracting major diseases. Sure, there could be the risk of finding a “dug down” DD (dog poop). But there is also the risk of finding drug needles and other paraphernalia after the yearly Spring-Break outing. Yet nobody seems to bother with prohibiting spring-break outings on public beaches. Oh – I know of many more dangers on the beach. Like f.ex. gulls doing their salmonella infected business on powdery sugar-white Florida beaches…. :-)
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Instead of prohibiting, what if communities would make it very clear for dog owners that if they don’t pick up after their dogs they’d be fined. They could hang up dispensers with doggie bags at all beach entrances. We have seen that in other places. And it’s working. Or they could designate certain areas of beaches as dog beaches like it is done out on the Pacific in San Diego. For all folks who want to find out where dogs are welcome there are a few web sites where we can find appropriate spots to stay.

Before we enter a beach area or any other public recreational site it is a good idea to take a walk with FIDO under controlled circumstances and let Fido do what he otherwise might do on a public beach. It helps to avoid angry looks and more serious trouble. We always try to do that with Molly, and mostly it works out. Also, don’t rely on finding Poop bags on the beach but carry your own. Most public beaches have trash bins too!

Stay away from places where you and your dogs are not welcome, it is the best you can do.

This is not only about letting dogs have their fun, it is also about us having fun with our dogs. And it is part of our vacation.

Think about that!


  1. We don't currently have any pets.... and right now are in a location where dogs are... well, not exactly feral, but certainly not always having a real home. But... personally, I'd much prefer that folks keep their obnoxious kids from screaming in restaurants than worry about some dog poop on the beach. Say... maybe I've had one too many glasses of wine this evening?

    1. Sharon, why don't you take another one - to the health and fun of all dog (owners)!

  2. I lived in Fl for ten years in the 1970 s and 80 s. Never entered a state park because dogs were forbidden anywhere in a state park.
    Gave up and moved back home to Minnesota.
    I now winter in wonderful Texas when I can.

  3. I think dogs are now allowed on State Park Trails though, but that might have been different back when you were here. Jes TX is more dog friendly.

  4. Thanks for the web sites. Those will come in handy when we travel again.

  5. It only takes a few irresponsible dog owners to ruin it for others.
    Even in this campground we have found deposits on our lot and on the road, management has not been able to find the culprits yet.


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