Sunday, December 15, 2013

“ELEKTRA” Makes Me Keep My Mouth Shut

It’s Sunday morning. Not real early anymore. Only a dim light is filtering through our windows. It’s mostly grey, colours are not discernible. “Elektra” has arrived in the Maritimes. After breakfast I have to go with Molly. She’s been staring at me for the last half hour. There is no excuse. I bundle up, wrap a shawl around my face. Between my fur hat and the shawl only my eyes are visible. Should have goggles for that. Stepping outside, I get a full portion of very fine snow in my specs. Molly is ahead of me, but she hesitates, looking at me. I give her a command to go ahead and she’s moving on. I’m stepping into 4-5” of snow. Molly is plowing through, leaving a grove behind her. We start walking to the road, but before reaching down Molly is taking up position to get her business done.
 DSC_0005 DSC_0006
Good dog!

I have to keep my mouth shut, otherwise “Elektra” is filling it with snow. I ate snow when I was a kid. We played outside in all kind of weather.  When we got thirsty, we ate snow. later I learned that snow is dirty. Even if it seems white. It is not very healthy either. We also licked on icicles pretending they were lollipops. It’s only some 55 years ago. Today I prefer ice cream.

I survived!

I loved winter!  Really.
 DSC_0002 DSC_0008
I was looking forward to live in Norway when I was 25.  Norway’s got a lot of winter. They’ve got 7 months of it. Some people say they’ve got 2 winters – a green one and a white one. Some places and some years it’s close to the truth.

I don’t like winter anymore.

I got spoiled. In California.

Molly had done her business and we were done outside.

The wind is going to be at least 35mph, a lot more in gusts, so we hunker down. What else is there to do?

Well, we are giving a lot of thought to going south. I checked the weather for the coming week. After “Elektra” has moved on it isn’t looking all that bad. We must try to get through the big-city-melee on a weekend. Makes for fewer trucks on the road. My personal travel adviser from Staten Island called again. More advice! Stay on I-95. How many lanes are there? 8 or 10, maybe. We have to cross the Hudson River.

It’s gonna be so much fun. Yeah right.

Eat your supper or what ever is on your plate, now!

See ya later!



  1. I think snow and icicles were alot 'cleaner' when we were younger than they are now. We survived them, just like alot of other things they tell you are soooooooo bad for you now.

  2. I'm pretty sure I ate a wee bit of snow back in the day. Couldn't have been all that dirty, I'm still here.
    I'm a bit behind in my reading, so Congratulations on the drivers license endorsement.
    And good news that your wallet was found. That's nerve racking.
    I lost one many, many years ago after setting it on the counter, and that was a hard lesson. There was very little cash, but replacing all the other stuff was a pain.
    Bundle up!

  3. I guess you have never had snow cream then. It was delish......way back when.

    Your walk made me shiver.

  4. Licking icicles - what fun memories. But like you, I've gotten spoiled - I can't handle the cold and snow any longer. Hope you get to go south - way south.

  5. Memories of all those times so many years ago.
    Heading south sounds like a good plan if you can pull it off.

  6. One of our goals is never to have to walk in snow again:)


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