Friday, December 6, 2013

“Saint Nicholas” Brought Me Some Goodies

I Must have been a good boy last year as “Saint Nicholas” has brought some yummy goodies for me. Though, I must admit it did not come into my shoes. Also it came a bit belated, as Bea only returned after dark today. She had been with a neighbour lady to the border city and when driving through town been magically  sucked in to a wonderful store, most of you won’t know. It’s called “Marden’s”. They sell good stuff for pennies – so to speak.
While staying “home alone” this afternoon, I already fell for the temptation to nibble on the German Marzipan bread (not really a bread but a bar) Bea had it with her from her trip across the big water. Knowing that this thing was somewhere in the kitchen cupboard I went to find it. I cut off a few slices and had it with my delicious cup of coffee. Aahhhh…     Poor Nations in the world who do not know about marzipan. And by the way, living so close to LUBEC Maine it would be a shame NOT to eat marzipan from LÜBECK, Germany.

Since it has been raining most of the day, nothing much was done outside. I had gone shopping before lunch and walked Molly after the rain stopped around 2pm. We did our usual forest path walk through the Provincial Park. Molly just loves that tour as there are many squirrels still and oh so many good scents to stick her nose into. 


  1. Hey, you forgot to mention that finally bought all the ingredients for the REAL stuff.
    Than we'll talk German Christmas Cookies......:))

  2. my mom makes marzipan for us every Christmas(she used to get the grandkids to help) now they are grown too .....she used to make the best lebkuchen cookies and anise stepdad was german :)

  3. Now that all sounds wonderful, you just too far away!


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