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Thursday, December 19, 2013

We Had A Great First Traveling Day

We still had things to organize and to pack, but around 9am I turned the key locking our entry door. We told the border officer that after 2 snow storms in a row we were off to Florida and he gave us a good chuckle. Besides running our passports that was all he did. Well, it was the third load and it would be the last one.
Since yesterday’s snow was pretty heavy we were anxious to pull our trailer out of the parking spot.
DSC_0162 DSC_0160

We shoveled a little snow and that was all which was needed.
The trailer came out like a charm. We even made the slight hill up to the road without spinning the wheels, and then it was just us and the road.
We were on coastal Hwy 1 which at Bangor connects with the Interstate 95. If Route 66 is the Mother Road of the western USA, then the I-95 gotta be the mother road of the east coast, as it runs all the way to the south end of Florida.
DSC_0167 DSC_0171
DSC_0169 DSC_0182
Northern Maine had received a whole lot of snow and today’s sunshine made the snow glisten in the most phantastic fairy-tale-style way. Yet the roads were all cleared and as we slipped farther and farther south the road was even dry. Yet, as you can see on the pictures our rig got very, very dirty. There was a lot of spray from the road before we had reached the I-95.  We had short lunch stop at Wally World in Ellsworth. Since the trailer was an cold as an ice box Bea got some food from it and we were sitting in our cozy warm van for a while.
Traffic was light as always in Maine this time of the year and our Chevy was making excellent speed. It is amazing what this 6l V8 engine is putting out on power. And with the activated Tow/Haul Function the tranny is shifting smoothly without “hunting” for gears all the time. It also makes driving long down grades much less hazardous. Equipped with automatic antispin and our super heavy duty sway bars we hardly noticed the trailer behind.
DSC_0193-001 DSC_0188 a house across the road                     and here’s how dirty the trailer got
Molly slept most of the day. She had a very comfortable bed right behind our front seats. For better room we had taken out the first bench behind our seats and Molly sure appreciated that.
Portland, ME east side of I-295

When dusk came we had just passed Portland,ME and I knew that it would be dark soon. We tried a Wally World parking lot at Biddeford,ME but the place was PACKED with Christmas shoppers and there was absolutely no way to get our rig around the parking lot. This Wally World is not recommendable for overnighting as the parking lot is rather limited in size. So we left and pulled into the Kennebunk Service Plaza.
Portland, Maine

It ain’t quiet here, but Bea has ear props and I am sure tired enough to sleep standing in a closet.

There’s nothing on TV other BS and I rather wrote my blog posting.

Tomorrow we hope to reach Baltimore and if you come by again you will know whether we made it or not.

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  1. Glad you're finally on the road out of that snow. Before you know it you'll be in sunny Florida and glad you aren't freezing or shoveling.

  2. Sounds like a good start - it's so nice to be on your way, heading toward Florida.

  3. Get going south and travel safe!
    Keep warm.

  4. Brrrrr, I got cold just looking at those pics ! Drive safe !!

  5. Soon you will be able to forget what snow looks like:)

  6. Always a great feeling to get the wheels rolling southbound into warmer weather.

  7. So happy to hear you are on the road and the road is not slippery - just dirty. Be safe.

  8. Nice scenery, but you'll be glad when it turns green I'm sure. Keep safe.

  9. Niceand warm down here on the St Johns river...80 today!!Have a great trip!!


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