Saturday, November 23, 2013

Yayyy, She’s Back!

November 21 -  22,  finally it was Friday and I could saddle the horse and get going to the airport to pick up Bea. Her time of arrival was 10:42pm on Friday, which is kinda late at night. Too late to do an almost 3hr. drive back home. I had considered an overnight stay in a hotel, but had finally decided to hitch on the trailer and park it at Dysart’s Truck Stop just south of Bangor. It’s a familiar place for us as we used to stay there the last and the first night on most trips south. And we both have it in for sleeping in our own bed.  Of course, I did some preliminary studying of the weather forecast as I had no special desire to be driving in hefty snow showers. But it looked good all throughout Friday and Saturday. They did predict some wind for Saturday not not so much that I wouldn’t be able to drive.

So I left home at about mid-morning on Friday and made the 125-mile-drive in about 2 1/2hrs. plus a doggy stop in Ellsworth at Wally World. And yes, Molly was riding with me to see mom come home.

I set up camp at the familiar spot – the entire truck stop was almost empty and cranked up the furnace. Had our good old HONDA Genny running outside, providing power for the comforts of camper life.
Watched a couple of silly TV shows which served again to show that program quality has slid further down the drain. The only thing worth spending any attention on, is PBS which at least is providing a view “across the big water” to what’s going on outside of the good old U.S.A.

I must admit that the last hours of the day until I could finally do the short run to the airport, were at a slow crawl and I had napped off a couple of times on the couch.
But when the clock turned to 10:30pm I was on my way on the I-95. It is only a 5 mile ride from Dysart’s to the Bangor Intern’l Airport, and traffic was light. I parked the van right up-front and waited for Bea to appear. When several travelers left the building I knew Bea couldn’t be far off and sure enough there she came, dragging her red suitcase behind.  Boy was I glad to see her!
10 minutes later we were “home” and dropped right to bed.

Overnight temperatures dropped into the mid-twenties and there was ice outside this morning. We delayed our departure until the sun had come up. That way, we hoped that possible ice-build-up on the roads would melt off.
Yet, on our way home,  we saw an accident on coastal Hwy 1A where a pickup had done a roll off-road. Hopefully nobody was hurt or killed.

We were both very happy to be home again and celebrated it with a nice walk through the Provincial Park.


  1. Yippee! I'm glad she's home. Now that was a smart move to take the trailer with you. I'd much prefer that to a hotel too!

  2. Great to have Bea back !! Does that mean you'll be able to head South now ??

  3. So nice that Bea is now home again, great to have you trailer there for a nice hotel room.

  4. Welcome home Bea. So who was more excited - Peter or Molly? Good idea to take the trailer. Almost as good as being home.

  5. Thanks guys for the warm "welcome home". I appreciate it.
    I am emotionally drained right now and are not up to blogging yet.


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