Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Finally All The Leaves Are Down!

When the sun set yesterday evening there was a narrow stripe of clear blue sky over the horizon. It was just enough to let the orange light of the sun shine into our living room. It didn’t last very long, the sun rolled behind the horizon and 30 minutes later it was pitch dark – until the moon came out later. After several days with grey weather the sky had cleared and it was going to be a cold night.
How cold it was I saw only this morning. Our thermometer showed –5C or around 21F. Yet at 7:30am it was still calm, but that changed only a few hours later. A strong and icy wind started out of the North West. I don’t know what the temps would have been with the wind chill, but it was really, really cold. The frost and the wind has now brought down all the remaining leaves. There are thick swaths of leaves along the roads. They were coming down like snow flakes. So I guess winter has arrived on Campobello.
What was I to do with this cold day? The sun was shining like she wanted to make it up for the last grey days we had. But being outside didn’t seem like an option. Yet, I needed to get to the post office to send off a couple of cheques we had received.

After getting back I decided to give it a try with the chainsaw. I had seen a couple of dead trees on the property and those would make great firewood. From way back in Norway I have a thick pair of lumber jack pants. I pulled them over my jeans and didn’t notice anything of the cold wind.

A few trees were already down on the ground, others were still standing. I cut them up and wheelbarrowed the chunks to the house and down into the basement. It gave me a 2hr. work-out which, honestly, I needed as I haven’t done much moving around the last coupla days.

The rest of the day was spent with a few shorter walks with Molly and some computing. Had an early chat with Bea in Germany. She is busy in her mothers apartment getting “all the ducks in a row”. It looks like my mother-in-law will remain in the nursing home for quite a while, possibly even permanently.

Hope you are all a lot warmer than I am out here.

Thanks for dropping by the shop again!


  1. Oh my, You are really going to miss the Southwest.

  2. Dress warm, keep busy outside and enjoy the fresh air. You can enjoy some nice winter days.

  3. Always good for the mind to keep oneself busy at something. Very unfortunate set of circumstances now which may keep you home for the winter. When my Uncle Harry was alive we always new his health could take a quick turn for the worse at any time. He was well looked after in the nursing home & never wanted us to miss our winter's away. We were very fortunate.

  4. With temperatures like that I hope you've dug out your long johns to help keep you warm.


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