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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

As Predicted – We Have A Raging Storm

The Wind was driving sheets of water in my face. My flash light had a hard time to penetrate the darkness. I called out for Molly, who was running around out there in this madness. Where? I had no idea. We had slipped her out after supper to let her do her business and normally she would return pretty quick – in this kind of weather. She hates going outside in the rain, but this time she had been out way too long. I swallowed my worries and let the flashlight circle against the rain, calling her again. All of a sudden I saw her running up from beneath the house. I ushered her around and inside where we have a dog towel to dry her off. She will be needing the entire evening to dry her thick fur.

Yes, the day started with slight rain and a little wind, but both have been increasing over the course of the day. From my IKEA chair I can hear the rattling of windows and the howling storm. I try to imagine what’s it like out at Liberty Point where the south wind will impact against the rocky cliffs. Luckily, the temperatures have been going way up. From –3C to + 12C in a matter of roughly 12hrs. But hey, the temps won’t last. From midnight on to the early hours tomorrow morning, the mercury will fall again to just above freezing. Good thing is that the sudden rise of temps prevented the roads from being glazed over. Looking to the east, parts of Quebec have received 10” of snow followed by 2-3” of rain. Now, folks that is a lot of fun.

In spite of the storm there have only been a few “blinks” in the power supply. People in Maine have not been that lucky as thousands are experiencing longer lasting power outages.

Will the wind subside tomorrow? Yes and no! It will go down a bit but maintain speeds of 30mph. Pair that with frigid temps and you are looking at another cold day out here.

Well – it’s life in the Maritimes!


  1. Sure glad Molly came running back. I don't like our girls out of sight at all. And hopefully the storm moves through rapidly and you can warm up a little bit.

  2. Nasty, nasty weather! We've had some beautiful days but come Monday all that changes again. Glad Molly came back!

  3. Here is hoping you get a break from the storm soon!

  4. That is sounding like some really nasty weather. I'm not looking forward to the day when we too will have to face those terribly cold & blowing long winter days again either. Not nice!!

  5. Keep bundled up and try to stay warm, hope you have lots of firewood.

  6. Makes me shiver just thinking about it. I seem to recall that the snow in Nova Scotia never fell straight down to the ground. It was always coming in sideways. Oh the drifts!

  7. Oh my! I wondered where Mr. Murphy was. He seems to have pulled out of the western part of the country. I think he's over there bringing havoc to your part of the world. Hopefully, he'll decided he's made such a mess of things that he even won't want to stay. Keep warm and stay inside as much as you can.


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