Friday, November 15, 2013

The Old Pot

Brother sent an email yesterday. Attached was a picture of an old pot.
He asked whether I remembered that pot?
Did I?

Not at first. But reading his email I kinda remembered that this pot was an old friend.
It was the pot we used as children to cook our cocoa in. We always drank cocoa – not coffee, which was reserved for adults. Makes sense to me today – but not then.
But we loved cocoa. brother was writing that his wife, Karin, had decided to decommission the pot. Reason being the pot was shot. Have a good look at the picture. The surface is chipped, well some of those chips were already there 60 years ago, and I haven’t seen the inside of it. It probably looks awful. I remember that often the milk would be burned to the bottom of the pot. That usually happened when we had too much heat under it. Then the inside bottom would have to be scrubbed until clean. That took away a lot of the enamel.

The last question brother wrote was: Aren’t we all like old pots?

Yes, brother, that’s what we are. We get chipped during life, the older we get the more chips. And one day we have so many chips and damages that somebody will decommission us. All we have left then is the hope to be put on a shelf and be kept for good memories.

Thank you brother for reminding me of that.


  1. At first I thought it was another kind of pot entirely. You know, the kind you kept under the bed?

  2. That is a wonderful story and so true, thanks for sharing.

  3. Memories are best. We need to keep working on making good ones.

  4. Great story. I'm afraid my first thought was the same one Bob had, but your story straightened me out!!

  5. I remember those days when we kids had cocoa but never coffee. I often wonder if kids still appreciate how nice hot cocoa is on a cold night.


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