Saturday, November 2, 2013

In A World Of Corruption And Scandals…Life Can Still Be Good

We all know it. We are all living in a world full of corruption, scandals and violence. It dominates our daily news. Whether we turn to Toronto’s corrupt Mayor Rob Ford or we look to the U.S. we will find scandals of all sorts, we will find people in positions we have to ask ourselves how in the world they ever managed to get into. And it all filters down to just about every little community in every country.
What are the chances to have a life without getting swallowed up in all this crap going on? Well, i guess we can try to develop the skin of an elephant, or we can stick our head into the sand pretending not to notice.

Well, everybody needs to find out for himself. For our part we are reading the bad news in the media but go about our daily business trying to stay unaffected. Call it what you will. We know we are not going to change the world, even though we try to when sitting at the campfire in the desert.

It helps to have chores or call it “something to do”. 
DSC_0001  DSC_0002 
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EVEN THOUGH WE DID HAVE A STORM YESTERDAY, there was nothing left this morning. The wild sea had calmed to a near perfect mirror. We had lush 8C, a deep blue sky and bright sun. I was standing outside and just couldn’t believe the change. About 200ft. down the road the storm had broken off a 12ft. long treetop of a spruce. It had landed in the road and luckily it hadn’t hit anybody in the head.
DSC_0006  DSC_0022
Even if I wouldn’t be cutting up that treetop, I had a whole load of wood to cut into firewood. While I was doing that Bea took care of all those leaves on our lawn.  Now, she has developed a smart way of doing that. Look at the pictures and you’ll understand.
DSC_0009  DSC_0008
As the thermometer was showing quite unbelievable temperatures, I got way too hot under my sweater, so I had to throw it off and take a break with a coffee. :-)
At lunch time I was about finished. Everything was neatly stacked along the garage. I will have to cover up the top of the stack, otherwise rain from the garage roof will get to it keeping the wood wet. Needless to say we didn’t fire up the wood stove today.

the beautiful sunshine inspired me to take the Convertible over to Lubec to get a bread from Martha’s. A very nice ride indeed and I saw that the storm had not managed to take all the leaves off the trees. We still have fall colors on Campobello!

It was already afternoon and we had just our daily cozy coffee when I realized that I would like to do a little walk along Herring Cove. The weather was just too nice to sit inside. So me and Molly jumped into the JEEP and slipped over to the beach. Yesterday’s storm had totally changed the beach. Every little bit of debris had been washed off the beach and the water had been up to the grassy area. It was low tide this afternoon and the beach was about 200ft wide. It looked endless. The sand had been pounded into a pretty solid surface.

Finally the day ended with a delicious meatloaf “Made by Bea”  I LOVE MEATLOAF!
Ice cream for dessert? Yes please!
The French station of CBC provided nice music “American Song Book Style”, which I really love.

Peace is everywhere and life is good….inspite of all the crap of this world.

…or what do you think??


  1. Life is good even with the crap:) There have been crooks and evil doers ever since man picked up the first club:(

  2. That is great that you are enjoying some nice fall weather.

  3. ...And let's not forget about our *awesome* Senators. I'm not talking about a Hockey Team either.
    I think we've become overly aware of all the crap that goes on. As it was mentioned above, it's been going on for ever, we just have more ways of finding out about it.
    It's a mixed blessing.
    We have nine trees on our little property, so I too have a tarp that I use to get the leaves to the curb. There's just no other way.

  4. We need to make our part of this old world the best that we can. At least that's my belief. I may not be able to change the world but I can make a difference right here. Bea really has that leaf removal down to a science.

  5. Howdy Peter & Bea,
    Just ENJOY today, we're not even promised tomorrow !!!! Hope y'all have a HAPPY DAY !!!!

  6. I agree. Enjoy the day and dwell on the good. It makes us feel better.


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