Thursday, November 28, 2013

It Might Be Cold But We Are Not Starving

Temps have been falling to –5C and the wind is now howling from the west. It’s American Thanksgiving and we are thinking of our friends in the desert of southern California. It feels unreal not to be there with them. But luckily we’ve got very good friends here as well. Jim and Linda came over from their home in Maine to spend a week in their Campobello Home. When they realized we were still here they invited us to their Thanksgiving Dinner. But I am getting ahead of meg self here. Lets start with the morning which wasn’t quite as cold as it is now.

I had been up at the Campobello Nursing Home to show them my van. They had called and asked whether I could provide a tour for the seniors – in December to see the Christmas lights at private homes on the island. That thought had actually been with me for quite a while. I’m glad they called to ask.
DSC_0341 DSC_0340
When I got back I stopped at the Post office where I ran into our friend and neighbour William, who had been dropped off there by his wife. He was wanting to go to the grocer store but had no money. What was that all about? So I took him with me – home to get money. I had the idea of going to Liberty Point to see the surf of yesterday’s storm and Bea wanted to come along. All three of us ended up going through the Roosevelt Park. Like always, it was quite the show out there on the water.
DSC_0304 DSC_0295
On our way back we drove up to the village mart to get a few items. They had a 10lb bag of apples on sale. And it was really good looking fruit.
Now I also drove William home.
It was time for lunch when I got home again, but Bea warned me not to eat anything as we were supposed to go to Jim and Linda for Thanksgiving Dinner.
Our afternoon started with a table full of snacks and a cup of delicious squash soup.
The turkey was still in the oven and to our big surprise it was “decorated” with small sausages, baked crisp and delicious.
Linda is a phenomenal chef and had been working on this for a long time. She had baked 3 desserts, a pecan pie, a pumpkin pie, and a most delicious cheese cake.
Man, did we eat…. and both our hosts are full of stories from their incredible past. Once when they were in their twenties they had spent 2 years working in South Africa. They learned to speak Afrikaans and were shocked of the Apartheid System the country had at the time.
DSC_0350 DSC_0348
DSC_0377 DSC_0360 DSC_0376 DSC_0380
Linda and Jim have 9 cats which they always bring along to the island. I had the pleasure of getting to know a few of them. Real friendly little kitties, i must say.
DSC_0359 DSC_0353
It is said that cats have 9 lives, but Linda and Jim have 9 cats

So time was flying by, the sun dipped behind the horizon on the American side, and it got dark quickly.  Because of the cats, we had left Molly at home. After 4 hrs. away it was now time to go. Good thing we had come with our car, I wouldn’t have survived the walk home, even though it is barely a kilometer. The cold wind coming right off the water was piercing through our clothes.

It was another full day for us, and that’s how we like it best.

Hope you all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


  1. How fun that you got to have a Thanksgiving dinner. The food looks wonderful. We, of course, overate today but it was so fun. And it was warm enough to leave the door open for awhile this afternoon.

  2. The walk home was probably good because you got a chance to walk off a little of that afternoon meal. Hopefully, the weather will warm up a little bit soon. You sure look bundled up.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving ,take it easy on the "fat" parts,it is hard to get rid of it later...

  4. The meal looked awesome.
    I was going to comment on "nine cats", but I'll not go there.

  5. How nice of them to include you & Bea for dinner.
    Interesting idea with the sausage.

    What did Molly think of all the kittie smells !



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