Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Have A Dream….

Ever since I have been a young man I have followed my dreams. I am a firm believer that if we follow our dreams we will succeed in whatever we pursue. Since the days when I have been a tour guide back in Norway, (from 1982) I have been interested in bus driving. Strangely enough, I never got around to do it, well other than driving our motor home, which was a bus-like vehicle.
But that will change this month, and today I did the first step to get my class-2 bus license. I went to our medical centre and got my medical fitness report filled out. Next week I have an appointment for doing the written test, which is the same I already did last year for my class-4 license. After that I can get an appointment for the road test. This last test has been difficult to get organized as one needs to meet up with a big enough bus. (more than 24 seats) After weeks of research I finally made a deal with a local bus company where I can rent a bus for a few hours. See, the problem has been that neither New Brunswick  nor any of the maritime provinces have a driving school offering a course for a class-2 license. It’s been a mystery to me how the bus companies have been recruiting their drivers. Good thing is, I already have my airbrake endorsement.

Now, I am not interested in driving neither transit nor intercity. My goal is the charter bus business. Being at service for those who travel on a bus is something I enjoy. Charter busses are mainly in use from spring to late fall/Christmas. That coincides very well with our habit of going south during the winter.

Let’s see how all this will work out in the future.

Cold enough in the mornings to put a bit of ice on Lake Glensevern 
Over here, we have had a day with mostly sunny skies. Even the customs officer I spoke to today was extremely friendly and talking about this great fall weather.
Bea was working up in the motel again and had to stay on a bit longer than usual as the owners Fran and Jim were absent for a while. Tomorrow is her last day at work for this year as she is going to fly to Germany on Friday.
From that day on I have to hold down the fort, be there for Molly, do all cleaning, washing and cooking, with other words be a bachelor for a while.  :-)
Hopefully, the snow will stay away for a bit longer as I really don’t need that.
Thanks again for coming by!


  1. Try Commercial Safety College in Truro, NS. They offer a 4 week course for Coach. Is that the same as a bus?

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  2. Gosh Peter, you are always so busy doing different things. Good on ya !

  3. Well, it's never boring. Something is always cooking in his head.LOL
    Now, I am off for two weeks of internet withdrawal.

  4. I can't agree more-those who dream have a good chance to follow their dream ....It was always our MOTTO.

  5. Good for you , if you have a dream and want it to happen it will.
    Good luck!


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