Saturday, November 30, 2013

And We Did It Again

We were barely done with the Thanksgiving Dinner at Jim and Linda when the phone was ringing and yet another neighbour invited us to THANKSGIVING DINNER for the next day. Are we ever gonna cook again in our own kitchen?

Well – tonight we went over to Jim and Fran’s place which is in Wilson’s Beach (north side of Campobello) where we also met their friend Niki. They were in full swing in the kitchen department preparing dinner.


They have a lovely new house right on the water overlooking the passage where the big tankers and freighters are getting into the Passamaquoddy Bay. While we were having our meal we saw the lights of a big tanker gliding by, but it was too dark to see the ship itself.

DSC_0409 DSC_0411

Jim and Fran are having a HUGE TV and I mean gigantic. At around 6:30p Jim jumped in his chair and said “Oh the fire is starting”, and he switched on that TV. And we were looking at a burning fire. From time to time a hand would appear and put in a new log. The only thing still missing was that the fire did not contribute to heating the room. But I kinda tried to warm my hands there as the outside temperature was creeping down to under 20F (-7C)

DSC_0419 DSC_0413

Again we enjoyed an outstanding dinner and a great conversation around the table.
Jim and Fran are the owners of the Whale Watch Motel which is one of the better places to stay on the island. They have just closed up the motel and are now looking forward to a peaceful winter season, They have moved up from Florida and are not missing their State a bit.

After cutting a big load of firewood this morning I went about and installed our Christmas Lights on the house. We bought all those lights years ago at a church sale. Finally we can use them. It sure gives the house a festive look.

Thanks for taking your break here!


  1. Well, even though there's no heat coming off that fireplace, I'd bet it's considerably less messy to maintain. Wood stoves and fireplaces are really great, but there's always that mess.
    Bundle up!

  2. I've never seen a TV-Fireplace.... maybe a person just feels warmer sitting in front of one... it's the thought that counts?

    1. Actually, my brain played the trick. I really thought that my left cheek, the one toward the fire, could feel the heat! That was funny and shows how much imagination is involved in our perceptions.

  3. Two Thanksgiving dinners with friends sounds wonderful.
    We watch our Tv fire place too in our coach, it giving us the feel of a real fire, soo nice.

  4. I've always said you can never have too much turkey. Even though we ate at the clubhouse, I fixed us a turkey here at home because we like the leftovers.

  5. How do you get the fireplace on the TV?

  6. What a fantastic day ... food, warmth and friends. Well ... kind of.

  7. Love the fire! Wow and two Thanksgiving dinners - how great is that!

  8. You cannot have too many dinners with friends:)


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