Monday, November 25, 2013

We Got Ourselves A Couple Of Really Cold Days

If you have never lived on the coast you cannot imagine how cold it can be when the winds are all cranked up and the thermometer falls below the zero-mark (C ). For us this is the first time that we experience early winter on the east coast. Today we had –6C and quite a storm from the west. Going outside means to dress in layers. First order of the day is Long Johns. jeans over top of that, then a coverall or for me my lumber jack pants. A woolen knitted jacket goes under the heavy winter coat and a fur hat (Russian Style) covers ears and way down my neck. Knitted gloves protect my hands, but I still keep them buried in my pockets. Being outside and keeping my face out of the wind, I still wish for a balaclava.

Molly, on the contrary, doesn’t seem to mind any of this. Happily, she is strolling along our route, allowing for good time to sniff here and there.
The only thing I did when being outside this morning was hauling three wheelbarrow loads of wood from the stack and having it into the basement.
As a result of the cold we have abandoned our living room which fronts the ferocious winds from the west and migrated to the dining room in the rear of the house. With the living room buffering against the cold we are staying toasty warm. Right above is our bedroom, and thanks to the chimney running through there, that room is warm as well.

We also noticed that neighbours have left their house, presumably to trade it off for survival in a cozy hotel. Most houses around here are old and are either lacking appropriate insulation or have no insulation at all.

Over the course of the last days my thoughts went to other parts of the continent, preferably in the south. We might just decide to hit a run to Florida this year. But we are still facing another 3 weeks at least.

Well, Wednesday there will be another change in the weather as the temps will go into the fifties and we will enjoy about 50mm (2”) of rain which naturally will hit the frozen ground and produce a nice layer of ice on all surfaces.

There is really a lot to look forward to. :-(  NOT!


  1. Oh I am well familiar with the East Coast COLD and WIND. Brrrrr Glad I'm NOT there. Head to Florida QUICK !!

  2. I vividly recall my last winter (ever) spent in Nova Scotia. This would have been February of 1967, just before we came to Ontario. There was one night it was so cold, there was no way to get warmed up in bed, no matter how many blankets were involved. My Dad stayed up all night putting cherry wood in the furnace and kitchen stove. Didn't really matter. That old house had nothing to speak of in terms of insulation. We used to "bank up" the house in the fall, to keep the wind from blowing into the cellar. This was back in the days before Celsius, and it was something like -25 F. No idea what the wind chill was like. It was just freakin' cold. So yup, I know what that feels like to live next to that body of water in the wintertime. No huge desire to go back there in the winter, that's for sure.

  3. Living close to water gives a whole new meaning to cold. It's a wet cold and about the coldest cold there is.


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