Friday, November 1, 2013

Gale Force Winds – The Big Storm

It was rattling and howling around the house – the predicted storm was upon us!
After lunch I decided to take a drive to Campobello’s southern most point. The storm was blowing out of the south-west and would be hitting the rocky cliffs full force. That would be worth to take a look at. So I took the Jeep and off I went through the park.
DSC_0190  DSC_0186

DSC_0216  DSC_0261
When I rounded the last bend before looking at Liberty Point I saw several huge waves covering most of sugarloaf rock in foamy seawater. I had never seen this kind of waves hitting here before so I was totally in awe. I tried to walk outside shooting pictures as I walked, but was hit by rain and the ferocious storm. So instead I quickly positioned the car with the passenger side window down and out of the rain, and did my pictures from the inside of the car through the open window. The wind blew all rain away from the car and not a single drop fell inside the car.
Every 5 minutes 3-4 big waves were rolling in. Then it could be much calmer again until the next volley came rolling in. The noise from the wind and the crashing waves was ear-deafening.  Way out in the Gulf of Maine I saw real wave monsters rolling along. My car was rocking like it was ready to take off across the wild sea.


Have a Happy Evening (or morning)


  1. Those gale force winds sure are an impressive sight to see , as long as you are safe from them.

  2. At least you got some gorgeous pictures but those gale force winds can also do a lot of damage ... be careful when you're out in them.


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