Friday, April 12, 2013

You Better Not Come Home

Most of you RVers are probably home by now. If you are not, don’t even think of coming home for at least another 2 weeks. Over here there was one (1) day of spring-like weather and that was that. By tomorrow we have a good chance at shoveling snow again. It’s supposed to start tonight, and, looking at the thermometer, I can see why. It’s 32F as we speak. It’s bone-chilling cold and I have to look for my Long-Johns again. To make us really remember how winter can be up here, a neighbour came by presenting the picture you see below. It was taken in February. Blue sky alright, but look at the snow..! Let’s see…what was I doing in February?  Ah right…NOTHING.
If you were early enough to look at yesterday’s post you must’ve seen all the spelling mistakes and typos. Well, it was late and the letters were dancing some Latin-American dance in front of my eyes. So that’s why, now you know.
I went back into that this morning and corrected a few things.’s Friday and tomorrow it’s lazy Saturday. I was shopping today, making sure I can enjoy an opulent breakfast tomorrow. And it’s gonna be a late one. Molly would have to do on her own outside with me watching from behind the curtains. Ha…dream on ole pal. Probably not gonna happen.

Take Care and keep your winter clothes handy.



  1. Bill just rolls his eyes when I say that I've not been warm for 3 years... but, darn it! we just haven't been far enough south in the winter, and Maine isn't THAT warm in the summer.. so... I can certainly relate to you heading "home" and still having winter weather. Hope your weather gets better soon!

  2. We are having a winter/spring in the midwest also. Some of the trees started budding and then we had an ice storm. Enough already!

  3. I definitely have no interest at all in being north before most of the winter weather has moved on. It sure seems to be lingering in places this year.


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