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Friday, April 12, 2013

Told Ya, Didn’t I?

We went to a church meeting this afternoon. Had potluck, good food and good conversation. When we got out it was like OMG…’s snowing.

Indeed everything was white and on our short way home more snow was coming down. Looking out of the window right now – a Christmas song comes to mind. Let it snow - let it snow - let it snow….

1-DSC_0133 1-DSC_0142


  1. Hmmm, this was definitely not in the plans was it?

  2. Oh no ... wasn't part of the plan to head south for the winter so you wouldn't have to be in any snow? Now you head back and what to you get ............. snow!!! Hopefully, it'll keep going east and the warm sunshine will return.

  3. it`s beginning to look alot like Christmas!!
    nice new header photo!!

  4. Sure glad I'm on the west coast of Canada and not on the east coast right now! What's going on??

  5. Better you than me! You are in a house. Snow in a rig is cold!

  6. Your snow photos are beautiful - I used to love sitting inside a warm house with the wood stove going and watching the snow coming down outside. It's so quiet and pretty.

  7. The scenery in your "Island Tours" van pic sure looks a lot different then the one I took at Quartzsite. Stay warm!!!


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