Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another Sunny Day And We Get Our Favorite Bread Back

We woke up to a window-rattling  wind and blue sky. Looking out the window I saw that the bay was dark blue. Dark Blue waters always mean lots of wind. With no wind one gets more of a reflection. It was still a cold northerner blowing. I dressed, put on an extra layer of clothes and walked Molly. It was truly a bone-chilling experience.
After some computing I  dressed once more and grabbed the vacuum cleaner. I wanted to clean the van, get it ready for re-installing the seats. Drove the van close to the door, so I had a bit protection from that wind.
Didn’t take long and Bea was sticking her face through the door. “Let me do that” she said.
Wasn’t I good enough at that cleaning job or what was going on?

But i didn’t argue this for long. Instead I got some warm water and started cleaning the dash and the door panels.
Finally it was all done and we started to move the seats back in. Those are real heavy and it was quite a job. We vacuumed the seats and then it was time for lunch.

Since it was Thursday I had to go to Lubec and pay a visit to Martha’s Home Bakery to get our favorite bread. I have
blogged about her earlier but I just have to do it again.
1-DSC_0032 1-DSC_0031
Stepping into her tiny store, where she also offers all kind of specialty foods and organic grains, is like being transported a century back. She had already heard or seen us pulling up beside the house and greeted us with her usual friendly smile. We talked about the cold weather and then she told us that frost had destroyed her water lines while she had been away to take care of her sick mother this winter. So we were standing around sharing our mutual plumbing problems. Luckily, her insurance will pick up the tab.

We bought two of the 13-grain sort. They were just out of the oven and smelled so wonderful, I could have eaten them right there. And of course, as soon as we were back in our kitchen we cut off two slices, put on butter and simply enjoyed it.

Live IS good!

Thanks for hanging around!


  1. Just two slices! I bake my own bread and we definitely have more than two slices when it's straight from the oven.

  2. It will warm up soon right??
    Gotta love fresh baked bread, way too good to resist.

  3. It's always nice to get back to the comforts of home like your favourite fresh baked bread.

  4. We're still unloading the motorhome ... it's piece by piece. I can't believe we had so much junk in it. A lot of it isn't going back in it. Cleanup starts today though.

  5. I find dealing with the COLD again the hardest part after enjoying the warmth of the South West over the Winter.


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