Sunday, April 7, 2013


There isn't really much to say about this Sunday morning other than it was frosty and that the wind had stopped. Ah…a morning without wind. Peace!
I loaded Molly into the Jeep and went to Herring Cove. There is no better place on Campobello to enjoy a morning walk in the rising sun, and it is only 3 minutes from our home. The tide was down but had started to return. The sand was still wet providing a hard surface to walk on.
1-DSC_0066 1-DSC_0061
While I strolled along the waters edge, Molly preferred to prowl along the upper edge where the yellow grass begins. We walked on and on and almost reached the edge of the Roosevelt Park border, before we turned around. Sun was glittering on the calm sea. The only sound being the rhythmic splash of the waves rolling onto the sandy beach. I noticed that the beach was incredibly clean. There was very little debris along the flotsam. Seemed like the winter storms had done a great job cleaning up the beach. At least no damage here at Herring Cove.
1-DSC_0069-001 1-DSC_0067
Walking back to the car I noticed a growing cloud cover moving in. Already the light had changed.  Actually it was a great light for taking more pictures. Old  dried up trees are standing here close to the beach.
1-DSC_0073 1-DSC_0070
They probably died decades ago. Behind the beach lies Lake Glensevern. It is home to beavers and many water fowls. Once it was the swimming pool for the Roosevelt family who had a dock here. It is the only water body where water temperatures reach above 68F in the summer. The water is brackish as the storms occasionally push sea water over top of the beach and into the lake.
1-DSC_0072                                                         Lake Glensevern

The tide was coming up fast now. My foot prints along the waters edge were already covered and under water.

What a great walk this was.

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  1. You certainly live in a gorgeous area. Duchess loves walking in the sand too ... almost as much as I do.

  2. Beautiful photos, Peter, especially the last one of the lake with the reflections in the water.

  3. Excellent pictures today and real nice that the wind has died down.

  4. Sounds like such a wonderful wonderful walk. And I know Molly loved every minute of it.

  5. Beautiful pictures today!!..felt like we were right there with you !! You are most fortunate to live in such a peaceful place!!

  6. I really enjoyed your pictures. What a pleasant walk.

  7. Loved your pics. Too bad about the damage in your previous post.


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