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Sunday, April 28, 2013

On A Beautiful Spring Sunday Bea Got Lost And Received A Birthday Celebration

Normally I wouldn’t put such a long headline in my blog, but today I kinda had no choice. The weather was incredible nice (we have deserved it) and so I rolled out our red convertible after I had “doctored her” on the carburetor/choke a while.
1-DSC_0493It is a sure sign of spring arrival when I roll down the canopy. Went across the border for gas and parked her in our driveway for an afternoon outing. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

While I was working on said carburetor/choke stuff, unbeknownst to me, Bea had gone with Molly exploring the depth of our property. Just so you understand, it’s about a third of a mile through a very tight jungle-like wilderness before one gets down to the ocean. Well, it’s not really the ocean, but a deep cut-in bay off the ocean. It has an English/French name, called HarbourDeLoutre. Under low tide large parts of it are falling dry.
Back to Bea. Like I said, I had not a clue where she was, hadn’t even noticed her wandering off, when she suddenly popped up in the doorway of my shed, totally out of breath. All she said was “I got lost”.  I had no idea what my wife was talking about, for how the heck can one get lost around here?

It was first when she elaborated about her ordeal through the wilderness that I got the hang of her story. She had wandered off along the rear of our property, following the trail to the point where it’s loosing itself in the underbrush, then proceeded among trees and brush. When she had seen a  house (???) she turned back and wandered on until she came to a mud hole. Molly had gotten hot as well and jumped right in and with Bea watching laid right down into the black juice.
1-DSC_0479Terrific, now I had a lost wife and a muddy dog!

Good thing I didn’t know about it at the time.

Bea had walked on, gotten into a panic, walked some more, then seen some red boundary markers and followed them until she got out of the woods at the Welshpool cemetery which is a good distance from here. Shortly after, she had met a neighbour and told her about the adventure. The neighbour lady had offered a coffee but Bea was now worried that I might get worried wondering where she was. So she walked on with Molly in tow until she finally reached home sweet home.

First order after her return was using the garden hose on Molly.

As Bea is gonna have her birthday tomorrow, and we will be on the road, friends had let me know that they planned a secret birthday party for Bea today.  I had been instructed just to tell that we were going for a spring stroll in our friend’s garden. At a quarter past three I loaded Bea and Molly (both were now sparkling clean) into the convertible and off we went. It’s only a few miles to our friends place and when we got there they were out in the garden.
1-DSC_0492 1-DSC_0498
Bea’s Strawberry Cake                                         ………and her Birthday Cake

Bea had thought that she would bring a cake along and she did , but when she showed off the cake platter she saw quite another cake ready and decorated with wavy little candles. I think Bea was quite surprised.
So we spent a wonderful afternoon chattering and enjoying coffee, cake and ice cream. Oh and we had a nice glass of white wine too.
It was a grand day and I suppose that Bea won’t forget this early birthday celebration any time soon, especially after her wilderness adventure.

Tomorrow we will be on the road to Bangor, ME from where I will take a bus to Portland,ME.
1-DSC_0517 1-DSC_0516
But that will be a story you’d have to wait for until it’s out.

Thanks for coming along again!


  1. Here I thought that Kathy and I would Surprise Bea with an Early Birthday Wish. May there be many more to follow Bea. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Well, first of all a Happy Birthday sounds in order. Getting lost would definitely be no fun!

  3. Happy Birthday Bea, sure is nice that you found your way home for the cake and ice cream.

  4. Happy Birthday, Bea! The cake and ice cream were a wonderful welcome home!

  5. Thank you very much! Appreciate it.
    Had two big pieces of cake! Wonderful.
    Now I am restored to new adventures....:))

  6. What a wonderful surprise, and your hostess sets a beautiful table. Both cakes look wonderful.

    Happy Early Birthday, Bea!

    Sorry you were lost, and glad you've been found, too. :)

  7. Happy Birthday Bea!!! Sorry for being so late, but have been out of Internet range for the past several days. Hope you had a good one!


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