Thursday, April 25, 2013

Clockless But Not Clueless

I tried to see what time it was, but whether I was still half asleep or my wristwatch was playing some dirty trick on me, I just couldn’t figure it out. There was a slight light outside the windows, but it could be the moon. I looked again at my watch, the little hand was lodged somewhere around the twelve, while the big hand seemed to be in the neighbourhood of 7 or eight or in between.

Anyhow I got up to see the bathroom. When I came down the stairs, I saw Molly who lay just at the last step of the stairs. What that was meant to be I could not understand. When I passed along the cook stove I saw the green figures of the build-in clock. It showed 5.45a. So it WAS first daylight after all and not the moon. Interesting! So the night was actually over…or soon to be. Looking at my watch again I found it dead. The battery must have folded. I have had time in my life where I went without a wristwatch for years. I never missed it then. But of course now I am looking at my empty left wrist umpteen times a day.

When I got upstairs again Molly followed suit. She jumped on my bed after I had cuddled myself down into the feathers again. There she was and fell asleep again. I did the same – for a while.

But finally the day caught up with me again or I did with the day.

I knew I had to do some phone calls today. Business calls and a few private calls. Also I booked a hotel room in Portland, ME for April 29. Have to get myself out to the airport real early the morning after, so I made sure that hotel isn’t far from the “jetport” as they call it in town.

Someone, hopefully the sales person, will meet me at Ft.Lauderdale Internat’l airport and take me to where our new van purchase is parked. We will have to complete some paperwork and I will find myself a place where I can rest for the night. I sure don’t look forward to the terrible Florida traffic.
I reckon it will take me 4-5 days to get home again.

Gotta keep it between the ditches!


  1. The sunlight is my alarm clock too. When it comes up, I get up.

  2. Gave up the wristwatch the day I retired and haven't regretted it at all. I try to ignore the sunlight coming in the bedroom window as long as I can.

  3. Sleeping in has never been an option for me. A real late morning would be 5:45 am, but I do enjoy the solitude.


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