Thursday, April 11, 2013

After Three Days I Have Square Eyes


If you think I have fallen off the face of the earth, you are wrong. After three days I am popping up again, from a mountain of work I did not anticipate to descend on poor me. I have been spending 3 entire days from morning to late in the evening in front of my antique mod.2005 Laptop. From time to time I used my enriched vocabulary… well I’ll spare you for that here.

If you look below you will see what I have done. If no more nasty changes are coming up it’s ready for the printer. I’m talking about our new enhanced brochure for the sightseeing tours of Campobello.

I could have let the printing facility in Calais,ME have done the job. But then you know I would have been zooming back and forth between Calais and here some eighteen times and wouldn’t that been quite time consuming as well? And on top of that I would have had to pay those guys and girls for their work as well. And if they had been really overly busy I would have had to wait to get the job done until summer was well underway. And that is kinda too late for us!

The first day I worked on my little project, was a total bummer. At least it ended as such. I had the whole thing ready on my screen and had “saved” my work again and again. When all-of-a-sudden everything disappeared off my screen. I attempted to haul the stuff up again from the deep, deep down basement of my laptop, but alas….such thing proved futile as nothing was ever saved.  :-((


So I had to start all over again. Another bummer working graphics with this outdated model of a computer is the very limited RAM capacity. RAM is basically the ability to store all data of what you have been working on in one session. Time after time I bordered the capacity of this machine while I was producing an item in the range of 200some Megabytes. Shifting that stuff around on the machine was a task that consumed everything from 30 minutes to up to a full hour of waiting for me. Funny enough that when I started to occupy my mind with alternate stuff, like starting to read a book, I could be sure that the thing was just about getting ready for the next step. I don’t have any count of how many coffee cups went down, but I can assure you it was a lot.

Anyway, I’m getting darn tired.

Have pleasant dreams and you’ll see me around!

A common Z-fold of a brochure


  1. When I had my business I made my own brochures, too. I think you did a beautiful job!

  2. Looks like you did a super job. It's a lot of work but at least you'll have exactly what you want.

  3. You have been busy especially using that old computer.
    The brochure looks wonderful!
    Now rest up before the crowds come pouring in for the tours.

  4. If we were going back to Maine this summer I'd sign us up for one of those tours in a heartbeat. Looks like your brochure covers it all. Nice job!

  5. Great job. The brochure really looks good and it gives all the info people need. That's usually the one thing I look for in a brochure. Times, cost and special requirements.

  6. Great job Peter, are you ready for the snow tonight?

  7. You did a super job Peter! That was a lot of work especially with less RAM. Congrats to you!


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