Monday, April 22, 2013

I Pulled A Stunt On Ebay

I have been looking for a 2. van for our sightseeing business for a while. I looked on all the common advertising sites and on Ebay.
As it turns out Ebay has the biggest choice. But Ebay doesn’t sort the vehicles after zip codes of your geographic convenience. They kinda leave that for you to find out about.

Anyway, I had put a bid on a large 15-seater and been watching what happened. The price stayed way down for a long time. So I put in a fairly high max. bid. Fairly high, compared to the low price it was sitting there. But then the price scale sprang to live. Somebody had laid his eyes on this van. So the price went up and up. It went beyond my max. price and I put in a higher bid. There was half an hour left when I did that. Now I was watching the auction. 10 seconds left. What did I see? The price went higher and even higher than my new max. bid. Shoot…. but I might find another one, I thought.

I thought that as long as an email popped up congratulating me as the winner of this item.


I was flustered. The price was now well 500 Bucks over what I had offered. What was going on?  How could I be the winner? I pulled up the Ebay page where it gives you the confirmation for your bid.  I had to rub my eyes: It said $38,025.00!! It scared me beyond saying. The last winning bid though was $4,337.00.  What had happened was a simple typo. It shoulda been $3,825.00!

Ebay’s bidding system works the way that it will do automatic bidding up to the max bid one has put in. Since my max bid was well…..way beyond, Ebay had been bidding up the price ……until I won!

Of course the price for this item is still pretty low so I finally went with it.
Now I’m looking for a one-way ticket to Florida.

The thing is stationed in Boca Raton, of all places.
Of course you want to know what hapless vehicle that is which can be sold for such little money. Here it is, and I have already put on our decals. :-) Haha….

DODGE VAN DESIGNThe year is 2001 and the mileage 55,000 which is less than what our 2006 Chevy has. Can you see it being converted into a winter RV?  I can! 

Come on over and take a ride with us!


  1. If it happened it was suppose to happen,you will get a good deal down the road-you will see.
    When are you guys in Campobello with all your travelings?

  2. Sounds like you got yourself a good deal there. And yes looks like it could be a very nice rv for sure!

  3. Oh no!! So, when are you flying down to Florida to get it? We've had a similar thing with bidding but caught it before it was too late. Congrats on your purchase..

  4. Wow - great buy. And you get a trip up from Florida to shake it down.

  5. I will be looking forward to see that van pull into our winter site in Quartzsite. HA!


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