Tuesday, April 16, 2013

With The Weekend Gone….

Monday went as fast as the weekend and what has happened? A another cowardly act of terrorism in Boston rocked everyone and authorities are looking for the perpetrators. This morning I crossed the border where a U.S. CPB-officer stopped every vehicle leaving the U.S. They have been put on terrorism alert.

2 months down the road we will have our own Marathon going from Lubec to Campobello and back to Lubec. 500 people are going to be here. We have to pray that nothing bad will happen – like in Boston.

Well, I had a reason for going into the U.S. this morning. Our kitchen drain under the sink was leaking. “Leaking” is actually not the right word as the water was splashing out of the pipe connection Niagara Falls-style. Don’t ask me how that could happen so fast. Well, according to Bea there has been a small leak already last fall.  ;-)

I went to got new gaskets and something called “Plumber Putty”. It’s a putty you can put in a ring around your fitting and it will be pressed together when the nuts are tightened. Pretty smart. As kids we were playing with putty of many different colors. This plumber stuff smelled just the same. I won’t be playing around with it. Promise! It’s strictly for plumbing.

Since we had the freeze problems in the basement I also went down there and checked out paint cans. As most paints are containing water these days I was afraid…..you guessed it….that they would have been damaged by the frost.
I was lucky – again. No frost damage on the paint cans. And the reason might be that I had them covered with a couple of fiberglass insulation mats.

Yesterday we had some sunshine! Whoa… yep it does happen! I took advantage of the weather and took the solar panels and the roof rack off the van. Have them put up back in the garden. They are keeping the RV-batteries charged.

That makes me think of a border crossing I did last week. The CBP-officer, an elderly woman, took my passport, but her eyes went to the top of the van. Wondering whether I had a luggage carrier there. So I told her that it was solar panels she was looking at.  Next question: Do you run the van with it?????

That would be nice wouldn’t it? Campobello has a solar-driven van. Haha.. There ain’t enough sun out here – at least not this time of the year.

Actually, I had planned the day a bit differently. Intended to drive to Calais,ME to see the printing guy, who’s gonna do the brochures. When I called I was told he would be leaving for Campobello that day and whether he could come by our place.

He could!

It just saved me another trip down the road.
This morning he called with a price for the 10,000copies. Geez…I should have been sitting. Glad I didn’t loose the phone to the ground.

Today the dark clouds have moved back in and the wind is picking up as we speak. Still not a green straw out there! And the ground is so soft that deep ruts appear in the driveway after the vehicles.

This last winter has caused quite a bit of damage in the woods. Many, many trees have been broken off or fallen over with the roots exposed in the open.

Take Care and thanks for coming by!


  1. Nice to have a few warmer days at this time of year, only gonna get better for the next few months too.

  2. Well, you haven't convinced me that you aren't going to be playing with that putty. I bet the temptation is just too strong. Hang in there - the sun will be shining someday.

  3. Any large gathering of people tends to pull in the crazies. The sad part is it'll probably get worse and not better. So Sad.


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