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Friday, April 19, 2013

Cold Fog

Unless you are living way south in an area far from any water body you must have dealt with fog in the past. The farther north you live and the closer to the coast, the more you are familiar with fog. If you live on Campobello you know fog from the day you were born or started living here. Fog can be part of every day life out here. Eleanor Roosevelt could occasionally complain when fog was a daily occurrence over several weeks.
1-DSC_0287 1-DSC_0290-001
Obviously these pics were not taken today…

And the reason for this much fog is that we are exposed to two contrary elements: very cold water and warm, moist air from Florida. The colder the water is, the colder is the air right above it. The warmer the air masses from Florida are, the bigger is the difference in temperature and consequently the more fog we get. Because of the high humidity on foggy days the fog feels cold.
April weather conditions are never quite stabile. Some days we have sun and rather dry air, next day rain clouds can be moving in. The weather in April has caused people to say things like “April does whatever he will” or something similar to that extent.
1-DSC_0299-001 1-DSC_0305
Right now we have rather cold fog. It’s thick enough to prevent any sun rays from touching the ground and so today was a rather dull day, weatherwise. Maybe not only weatherwise but also otherwise. I think of what the situation in and around Boston is like for people living there. They are living in a fog of fear. A young criminal is running around somewhere and 9000 police men are looking for him. Seems it was reason enough to ramp up security with armored vehicles and request people to stay inside their homes. Dogs have to pee inside, (well not only pee, I guess) people can’t go to work, stores are closed. It’s like the U.S. is under attack. What I have not seen are short-distance missiles, but even FEDEX parcels are delayed because of the lock-down in Boston/Watertown.

Our media are having a field day, several field days. It’s good business for them. After all it’s not every day that we see massive concentrations of law enforcement troops descend on a town. Locals are making the best of it. They hang out of their windows, their cute little electronic gadgets in hands, and taking pictures and videos of the mayhem. These days it’s everybody’s hope to get their video published on You Tube, cashing in on advertising compensation when their little film goes viral and the viewer number reach the millions.

But let’s get back to the reason of all this: How did these perpetrators have come into the United States? That is a question I think many people are asking themselves these days. According to what I have seen in the press they haven’t been  born here. Nope, they got in AFTER 9/11. They were REFUGEES!

The United States have some of the most restrictive immigration policies in the world. After 9/11 we got an entire new set of stringent rules. Airport security was increased, U.S. and Canadian Citizens had to show their passport when crossing the northern border, and Canadian snowbirds who dared to overstay in the U.S. can be bared for many years from re-entering the U.S. (even though all they do is spending their money)

But people who claim to be refugees seem to be able to enter and settle freely in the country even when they originate from countries where U.S. authorities know terrorists are running their dirty businesses. After 9/11 Canada was blamed that screening of immigrants to Canada wasn’t thorough enough and that terrorists had come across the border into the States.

Now we see that potential terrorists have come into the U.S. through quite different channels. And they keep coming!
They seem to be impossible to stop – just like …..Cold Fog.


  1. Well hope your cold fog lifts for a few days at least, you need some sunshine and warm weather.


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