Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dog Walk

It was pretty clear to me that we had gotten into a dreary day. I knew it already when I opened my eyes this morning as my watch showed 6:30a and there was only limited daylight. See. our bedroom window is facing east and usually the sun is shining right through. Not so this morning. Normally, that would cause a considerable delay for me getting up, but due to the fact that Molly (usually) needs to get outside at record speed I decided that I was done with sleeping. So I got up.

To my big surprise, Molly was still asleep when I saw her on her doggy bed downstairs. Finally she got up, standing around in the kitchen, not even thinking of lobbying me to get outside. Was there some thing wrong?

I should find out a minute later.
I opened the door and had to beckon her to get outside. Listlessly she stepped outside, but when the rain and the wind hit her she turned around and was back in the entrance.


That had never happened before but eying the weather I could muster up some sympathies for her. It was just too bad.
However, after breakfast I put on my boots, grabbed the bright blue umbrella and took Molly outside. I hadn’t even reached the road when the first storm cast had hit my umbrella and whipped it sideways. I got a good portion of water in my face. Jerking the umbrella back I looked around for Molly. She gave me her most miserable look, like do we HAVE to do this?
Our usual morning walk extends about over 600 yards, on a real nice day it can be half a mile or more. This morning Molly made it about 100yards down the road when she got rid of what she was supposed to get rid of. Without me saying a word she whipped around and marched right back to our house. Dogs are sooo smart. I had a couple of more fights keeping my blue umbrella centered over my head or rather fending off the worst storm casts.

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  1. I have to admit rain can suck. I certainly like the sunny days more.


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