Sunday, April 21, 2013

Peter’s German Apple Cake And A Beach Walk

When the weather turns grey and it is wet outside I can’t do much outside. Then I’m getting restless and have to occupy myself with something. The best I know to be busy with is baking a cake. (and then eating it..:-)

So what cake should I bake?

I decided to do the good old “German-style Peter’s good apple cake”. It was a cake like that which I once managed to impress my new girl friend (now my dear wife) with. If you want to try it it’s pretty easy.
Here’s how:
You take the same weight of everything and I will give it to you in metric grams, but you can just about use ounces if you like.

You’ll need:  200gr.wheat flour, 200gr. 200gr.sugar, 200gr.butter (the real stuff pls.) and equal weight (200gr.)of eggs. (I usually go for 4 eggs), a tea spoon of baking powder, two average-size apples, raisins, cinnamon,
The dough before raisins and apple slicesWhip eggs and sugar together, add the warmed-up butter (doesn’t need to be runny) then the flour and the baking powder. Whip good together until you get a good dough with no lumps in it. If you like vanilla you can add some vanilla extract.1-DSC_0322
Fill it in your baking form.
Spread the rains on top.  You have peeled the apples and cut them into thin slices.
Put apple slices all around or spread loosely over. Sprinkle cinnamon and a bit of sugar. ready to go into the oven. You bake in a 350F (180C) pre-heated oven for about 50 minutes on the middle shelf. Before removing check with a pin whether dough is done.

Let the cake rest for a while but it should be eaten before cooling completely. Apple cake has to be warm and served with whipped real cream, not unlike an apple pie.

1-DSC_0323 1-DSC_0327 
Finished baking and removed from form…….Bon Appetite!
After that cake was done and tried, the sun came out and we went for a beach walk with Molly. It was shortly before sunset, so we got a good photo light. We studied how far the winter storms had pushed the water over land.
1-DSC_0346 1-DSC_0345
Enormous amounts of gravel and sand has been washed up into the grassy area.
The main beach area where summer guests use to sit has changed a lot as well.
1-DSC_0359 1-DSC_0353
Though the beach is still sandy, a lot of it has been washed away and left the beach a lot steeper towards the water. The power of nature will never cease to amaze us.

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  1. LOL - Pretty easy, eh? The cake or what?

  2. The cake looks yummy thanks for sharing.

  3. The beach is beautiful but that is nature ,on the other hand the cake is your creation-way to go,looks delicious,can it be printed with 3 dimension printer???

  4. I gained 5 pounds just reading about that cake!!

  5. Thank you for that wonderful recipe - it's going right into my file and I hope to make it soon!

  6. I am bookmarking this recipe to try later. It looks delicious!


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