Thursday, May 3, 2012

Working on the shed, in the garden and a neighbor called

With so much sun and decent temperatures it was a day to spend outside. We have a lot of work waiting for us and I started with building another plant frame for Bea’s various vegetable projects. A frame, filled up with black soil is very handy if one wants to produce vegetables in a small controllable scale.  A micro climate can be made by covering the frames with old windows or transparent plastic foil.

Next project was the further improvement of our shed. Last year we build it in OSB-sheets only. Now it needed trim and paint. A special task was the front wall showing towards the road. Bea said there should be a window, but I had already put up shelves inside, so a window was pretty much out of the question. But I had a solution. Since it is not quite finished yet I won’t show a picture tonight. But maybe tomorrow.

While I was painting and hammering, Bea got busy along the front of the house.
She started building a flowerbed. She had to cut away lawn and fill the turfs back into another spot. To get it straight she strung a line along as guidance. Lots of work! And I’m sure it will ad to the house’s appearance.
She also discovered a little beetle, which we now found out was a leaf beetle. Looks a bit like a lady bug but is none.
A car wash was something I wanted to get done a long time ago, but the weather hadn’t been right. The Fat Lady had a layer of dust on her long red hood. I had just about finished the job when a neighbour called and asked whether I could come over to take a couple of pictures of something she thought would make for nice pictures. There I had the excuse I was looking for to take the Fat Lady out for a ride. 

When I got over to their place I saw…..well this:

The neighbour lady is collecting scarves. Scarves in all kind of patterns and colours. And she did not put them on a cloth line just for me. Nope, the story behind it is a different one. She had discovered that a mouse had used the pile of scarves to make a nest for her babies. After relocating the little ones into the greenhouse she started the washer, and that’s how all these scarves ended up on a cloth line. Matter of fact it was pretty and knowing we have a blog she called for a photo session. I wonder whether all need to be ironed before putting them back into the closet.

And that’s all there is today. Thanks for making looky, looky!


  1. That certainly is a colorful collection of scarves blowing in the wind. So will the mommy mouse find her babies in the greenhouse, I wonder?

  2. Bea,

    That flower garden should be a nice added feature to your home. I can't wait to see it.

  3. If you hadn't told us they were scarves on the clothesline, I wouldn't have know what it was. She sure has a collection!

  4. Taking advantage of the warm weather sure makes you feel great. And the scarf collection sure makes for a wonderful picture.

  5. More beautiful than Tibetan prayer flags! What an enjoyable sight.


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