Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Love Summer

What is nicer than walking barefoot along the beach, feeling the warm sand on your feet or splashing through the surf zone? I could do both today as it was extraordinary warm (23C) That’s right, even the cold waters of the Bay of Fundy were not too cold on my feet. Molly were on her own mission finding things she could eat, but when we saw a dead seal rolling in the surf, Molly was afraid of it. Her eyes widened and she backed off. I’d rather have that, than having her considering a dead seal as food.

Do dogs understand the meaning of “soon”?
When Molly wants to go out for a walk she always lets us know. But it is not always that we are ready for it right away. So I tell her we will go soon. That seems to be something a dog can’t understand. She keeps begging until I ‘m finally ready. The meaning of “Soon” as not right now but later is obviously not comprehendible.  If you have other experiences with your dog, I’d like to hear about it.

What bird was here the other day?
The answers were ---- well we’d better not go there. But Bea was right: It was an immature female black-throated warbler.

Now the pics from yesterday’s trip:
DSC_0018-mi Eagles on their Nest in the Moosehorn NWR DSC_0048-mi
DSC_0044-mi DSC_0038-mi
DSC_0027-mi DSC_0040-mi  The mighty Saint John River
DSC_0023-mi  Trans-Canada Highway DSC_0036-mi
Two blog readers came by today
We were seated on our porch when we saw a red pickup coming up the road. It slowed to a crawl, almost stopped, someone was waving from the window, then the truck stopped entirely. A lady came out walking up to us on the porch. It turned out that she had found this blog and started reading. She had found it after CBS brought the story about the Roosevelt Park and Campobello. It was the first time ever, that someone reading our blog had visited us. Peggy and Harold are from Bangor,ME and have been visiting Campobello for many years. I am sure that we will be meeting again with these nice folks.

We also got three new followers.
“Laura Cobb Photography” has some outstanding pictures in her blog, while “kipexplores” introduces her blog like this:
I have reached a time in my life where I take time to enjoy the view. I love sitting on the porch and gazing out to the setting sun and basking in all that the day has brought my way. My vintage trailer, Lolita even has a back door to enjoy the view of each day. Come along and enjoy..... My Back Porch View.
And what a nice way of philosophy is that! We LOVE sitting on our porch too.
A bit earlier
came onboard and she must have done that quietly as I do not remember to have her welcomed. Hope you can excuse this as the result of my fading memory and attention. Dana has a couple of blogs and you might want to check them out.
Always nice to see new followers come on here.


  1. Our girls have absolutely no idea what soon or just a sec means. They too, just beg and bark and talk and whine until we give in and take them out. If I say NO very firmly, they might go lay down for a minute or two and then come back and start in again.

    Sure glad your weather is so beautiful. We are having gorgeous weather here also. But it's headed back up to 105 by Thursday so I'm sure glad we're leaving Wednesday.

  2. Very nice pictures. I think dogs live in the moment. Once we get our jackets on, they know we are going somewhere and they do their best to herd us and hurry us along.

  3. As usual ... love your photos. I love summer too especially in the norther states. When we lived in the south I hated summer. It was just too hot during that time of year.

  4. It is so nice meeting blog readers and fellow bloggers. It was great meeting you guys at the Hot Springs BLM last winter too.

  5. We enjoyed meeting you yesterday - your home is lovely and I like the "balcony" - just be careful til you get a railing ! -- Molly is a sweetheart - Peggy & Harold

  6. Well you'd better keep that Welcome Mat out - you may be getting anothor Blog visitor very soon !

    1. That would be nice. We will be ready!

    2. Thought I had your e-mail address but if I did I can't find it. How can I contact you off the Blog. Sandie (Jim) has my e-mail address if you want to go that route instead of posting it online.

    3. Denise: Go to: go to the bottom of the page. You will find an email address there. Copy and paste into browser.


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