Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Incredible Beautiful Day

As it was Sunday, I decided not to do any work, and it was warm enough to enjoy breakfast on the porch. 
DSC_0002-mi Rather than working I started the day with a walk along Herring Cove while Bea went to Church. Molly was with me and she thoroughly enjoyed the many scents along the way. There was no wind and the sea was like a mirror. However, mysteriously big waves came rolling in every 4-5 minutes crashing onto the beach. Then it became quiet again.
Way out was a fishing vessel at work. The chomp chomp chomp of its diesel engine was carrying over to me. I cannot imagine a more peaceful sound in nature.

If you look closely you will see that the Chickadee has picked a larvae         from the apple blossom.

But the day had more in store. As I was checking my emails I read a comment from Sandie over at ”Where are the Dixons today” She had seen the CBS Sunday morning news whose crew had been on Campobello Island and at the Roosevelt Cottage. After I found the show on CBS I put it on the blog and on Facebook. It sure was a great PR for the island. Thanks to Sandie!


  Quiet sea today

DSC_0024-mi                           looking north

                                                fishing vessel on its way to the nets

DSC_0037 DSC_0032-mi
DSC_0044-mi DSC_0047-mi
DSC_0053-mi DSC_0056-mi
DSC_0062-mi DSC_0089-mi

Bea made some absolutely gorgeous Norwegian-style waffles which we enjoyed with strawberry jam and whipped cream. Delicious! 
And since I have been a good boy today, I even got a super phantastic supper. I will only say Chicken breast with peaches! I hope she will put that on her blog. Maybe you go and check on her.

But even the best weather and the laziest day makes me tired so I’ll quit with writing more today and rather show you a couple of my many pics I took today. How’s that for a Sunday posting?
DSC_0110-mi DSC_0111-mi




  1. Sounds like and absolutely awesome day!

  2. Any time you post pictures of your beautiful Molly, it's a great blog. I was just so excited about seeing the island on CBS this morning. Glad I was paying attention.

  3. Just love your photos ... absolutely love them.

  4. Great photo of the bird and doing a good job of eating the larvae too! Your day sounds just peachy!! And I love the photos of Molly - she is a beauty.

  5. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics.


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