Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Squirrel, a Mouse and a Visit to the Beaches and I found a Ball

OK, Molly is a killer dog. She got that squirrel from the roof of the shed today. First I heard the squirrel mocking Molly, who was on the ground looking up. When I knocked on the ceiling from the inside of the shed, the squirrel fled into the tree, continuing mocking Molly. It squirreled out on an outer limb and tried to jump in the brush pile beneath, but missed. That was Molly’s chance and she was lightning fast.

First watching the squirrel…


..then hitching a ride

Later I took her on a walk up Hutchins Road. She must have heard a slight rustle in the grass, cause she jumped up and stuck her snout deep, deep into the fresh grass. When she got out of it she had a mouse. How she does that, I have no idea. She certainly has an excellent sense of hearing.

While the sun was out and it began warming up I decided to put Molly in the back seat of the LTD and head out on the search for more beautiful nature. I drove down into the Roosevelt Park’s Natural Area and took the gravel road ending up at Liberty Point.
DSC_0045-mi  at Liberty Point DSC_0043-mi
DSC_0064-mi DSC_0094-mi
This is the South side of Campobello Island and it offers a stunning view across to the coast of Maine.
With the NIKON Tele lens I could get a fairly decent view of the West Quoddy Lighthouse. It is administrated as a  Maine State Park and just another beautiful area to go on a hike on a sunny day.

West Quoddy Lighthouse 

The air was also clear enough that the Island of Grand Manan was visible as a dark land mass way out in the ocean. Another whole group of islands are the “Wolfes”. The islands are small and probably without fresh water, so nobody lives out there.

DSC_0074-mi  The “Wolfes”: DSC_0075-mi  Grand Manan in the background
DSC_0033-mi  South Beach DSC_0036-mi
On our way back we stopped at Raccoon Beach and walked down to the ladder to the water. I couldn’t but notice that big round rock, looking like a ball. I picked it up. It was heavy and had almost a perfect ball shape. This would look good in Bea’s garden wouldn’t it? So it ended up in the car and was brought home.

DSC_0096-mi DSC_0097-mi
DSC_0083-mi DSC_0099-mi   An old rusty 6cyl. motor block buried
DSC_0091-mi  Molly found something to nibble on DSC_0070-mi

In the afternoon two neighbours came over for tea. They are from Denver, Colorado and are part of the “summer-birds” which own a summer residence on the island.

It sure turned out to be a very nice Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by again!


  1. You sure live in a wonderful area!

  2. Your post made me anxious to return to Maine. Even though we'll be living up near Caribou, when I see "Manan" I can't help but think of lobster, blueberries and..birds! Love your post!

  3. that Molly is lightning fast!!..great photos today..makes me want to come and visit!

    1. Visiting you should do! Lots of room for RVs in the Prov.Park!

  4. At least you know molly will never go hungry:)

  5. I love the beach and so does Duchess. I loved your photos of it too. Molly sure looked cute hitching a ride.

  6. Love the blog, awesome pics too! But man I have to scroll left and right and back and forth so much, that I am getting dizzy! This is W I D E body blog for sure! Your computer monitor must be enormous!

  7. Great pics of the islands. The maritime's are calling us for sure.

    By the way, DearMissMermaid just needs to use the 'CTRL' and '-' key to fix the wide screen scrolling issue.

  8. Sunny sundays are great for being out and about.


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