Tuesday, May 15, 2012

20 Dollars and 40 miles

It was a drab looking morning when I backed the Motor Home out of our driveway and got on my way to Machias, ME today. Clouds were hanging low and it looked like there could start a rain storm just about any time. Well, it didn’t. Actually the weather improved by the minute and only half an hour later I could turn off the windshield wipers. Then the sun peeked out and it got warm.

My head was full of “what if…he has to take the windshield out. Could be costly right?”
At the border I had to smile when the CBP-Officer wanted to come onboard “to have a look”. Of course he wasn’t really looking for something I would smuggle, but he had rather never seen a 40-footer from the inside. We have had that before.
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Since I had never been at that auto glass place before I had to ask at an auto parts shop for directions. Apparently I had already passed it. So I turned around and found the place alright next to a gas station. The yard wasn’t really big, but I managed to get parked.
A young chap appeared and looked at my windshield. Then he got to work.
And what can I say but it took him 17 1/2 minutes to fix the thing. Yep, he took out the spine along the area where the windshield had moved out of the rubber. Then he gently pushed the windshield towards the frame, re-inserted the spine and that was that. He wanted 20 bucks which I forked over and before I knew it I was on my way home. Happy as any camper can be.
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When I got home I found Bea at the neighbour. Gladys was having her 88th birthday and Bea and another neighbour were happily chatting along.

The rest of the day was spent with a few small repairs, and having coffee. Bea had found out that she wanted to prepare a very special supper and all I can say is that it was very, very tasty. I shall not go into detail with that, but she will put it onto
her blog, I’m sure.

PS: Today’s pics are from Quartzsite, AZ

Thanks for coming over!


  1. That sounds like a good day Peter. Even the border guard had a good time.

  2. I bet everyone knew the border guards like you do. Thank goodness the window repair shop knew what they were doing and could do it in such a short time especially if they are getting paid by the hour.

  3. Gosh! Good that I cleaned that motor home up!

  4. $20 and 17 1/2 minutes - boy you can't beat that. Was the border guard impressed? You do have a beautiful motorhome.

  5. Sure is great to get a good deal once in a while instead of the usual automatic "that'll be close to $500 to fix this" business!! Congrats!

  6. Nice to get the repairs done by people who know what they are doing. Good deal.


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