Monday, May 7, 2012

BC Salmon and CA Strawberries

When I saw the fresh salmon at Lyons grocery store in Lubec this morning I knew what I would have for supper today. And it would also fit to the other thing I had already placed in my cart: STRAWBERRIES. Salmon as the main course and strawberries for dessert. Outstanding combination! For many years we have had a special way of preparing salmon. Learned it from a friend in Norway. Norwegians are kind of good with fish.  Bea says she will put it on HER BLOG, so please look there for the details.
It was a great meal for sure!

                                     View across Passamaquoddy Bay to Eastport, ME

The weather men had announced 17C (62F) for Lubec, but out here it didn’t quite reach 14C. However, we had plenty of sun and I went for several painting jobs.

On my short trip to Lubec I stopped at the hardware store to purchase a flag pole bracket. This is the kind you hang out from a wall or a post. We have already 2 of them for the Canadian flag and the New Brunswick Provincial flag. The third one is going to be used for the country guests are coming from. We do have a German, a Norwegian and an American flag as well!

I also went to see the Lubec town administrator. I have suggested to put up a webcam  on the American side pointing across the town and the “Narrows” towards Mulholland Lighthouse on Campobello. Both communities are tourism communities and would have to gain a lot by webcam-marketing. Did you know that there are webcams which can be operated to turn sideways by viewers all over the world? That’s right, you press a button on the screen and if nobody else operates the camera before you, it will start going left or right --- thousands of miles away. That’s pretty neat.

Of course, I hope that Lubec will find the idea worthy.

Had an experience with a little bird today. It was still early, around 7:30am, when something knocked against our living room window. I looked out and saw a little bird had fallen to the deck. Of course I had to investigate and when I bend down to the little fellow I found he was alive, but somewhat “stunned”. Cautiously, I took him into my hand and looked him right into that pretty little face. It looked like a sparrow, but had some unfamiliar color above the eyes.
I went inside and grabbed the NIKON. Got a couple of pics, before I put him down on a small table. There he was sitting for another 5-10 minutes before he felt better and took off into the apple tree.

DSC_0001-mi DSC_0006-mi
Based on my pictures we found out that he belonged to the species of White-throated Sparrows. Some are migrating birds, nesting up north, but come fall and colder weather they will move to the Southern U.S. just like us RVers. But some will also remain in our area, staying in coastal areas.
I was sure glad this fellow came to again.


  1. Ah ha! I had Alaskan WILD salmon and strawberries tonight too!

  2. Glad the little sparrow was okay. I read Bea's blog and the salmon looked yummy - and simple to fix too.

  3. The salmon sounds so tasty, and fresh strawberries anytime is good.

  4. It's hard to beat fresh, wild salmon.

    Good idea on the webcam too - that would be interesting to look at once in a while.


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