Thursday, May 24, 2012

Was There Any Doubt?

As to the question whether there was any doubt about passing the driver exam, I must say, there is always doubt whether you pass or not. The fact that we are driving a 40ft. motor home does not mean that we are fit to handle an ambulance or a 24-seat buss the correct way. Simply, there are differences in road rules. As to f.ex. the fact I mentioned yesterday that we do HAVE TO carry 3 triangles and a fire extinguisher in a buss. Another example is that busses and a few other vehicles have to stop before entering a railroad crossing.

Besides of that, there is the fact we older people tend to get a bit sloppy with our habits. How many times I have seen vehicles turning without giving a signal. Are we always having both hands on the wheel? Not me! It is over 42 years ago I did my drivers test. Rules of the road have changed and traffic has changed. So yes, there is always a doubt about whether we pass a test.

But it is a good assurance that we can still be in traffic without representing a danger to ourselves and others.

DSC_0008I took this picture yesterday evening from our balcony. Unfortunately, there is always that power line in our view. Some days we just have those
beautiful sunsets.

The day started actually with another fly-in of a little bird. It plopped against the window in the living room and when I looked out it was on its back. Didn’t look good so I went outside and picked up the tiny bird. I put on the window sill inside our entry and watches it. It rested on its beak and obviously was unconscious, but it was still breathing. It took about 5 minutes and the eyes opened. When I touched it carefully it came back and started fluttering up the window. Cautiously I took it into my cupped hands opened the door and there it was flying straight up into the apple tree. It really made my day!

Here is a picture of it. It was about 3 inch long.
Do you know what kind of bird it is? Remember, it is living along the North-East Coast. Just for the summer? Looking forward to your opinion.


  1. I think it is a yellow bodied bird with a pointed beak,gray wings & tail with white wing stripes:))

  2. I agree with Al, that's what it looks like to me.

  3. This is a bird that is going to have a big headache. I can only imagine the thrill when it flew to the apple tree.

  4. don't know what kind of bird it is, but black throated warbler sounds good to me! Google and see if the photo looks like that sweet little bird!

  5. Loved the sunset picture (along with the bird). A little photoshop can remove that power line pretty quick. It always seems some of the best pictures have too many power lines blocking it. Congrats on passing your driver's test .. again.

  6. How about a yellow bellied sapsucker. HA!


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