Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wildfires are spreading through New Mexico

It is so sad that to see that thousands upon thousands of acres of the wonderful Gila Forest in New Mexico are being destroyed. We were lucky enough to see parts of that area in the spring of 2011.


It is quite unsure whether this record-breaking fire can be contained or will spread until it either starts raining or it finds a natural barrier. Climate experts have been warning against potential massive blazes like this one for many years. This fire and many others are a result of a long-standing draught in combination with thunderstorms. Nature is speaking to us here and I’m not sure whether we humans have even started to understand its language.
To contain a fire like the one we are now seeing in New Mexico takes an unheard of amount of resources.

Over here we had another day with a lot of fog. Not my favorite, by any means, but we have to adjust. And the adjusting was done by working with fixing up one of the bedrooms. The room is wall-papered, but the old paper has it’s “loose ends” which needed to be done away with. After Bea had cut off all that, I entered stage with a terribly heavy 4.5gal pail of drywall mud. I had paper beads to cover the corners and I was mudding away all over the room. Hardly any corner which didn’t need to be touched. After drying the next step will be a dusty one – sanding over the mud. A second work-over will be needed as well and another sanding after that. Hopefully we’ll be all set for painting after that. Painting the ceiling will be the worst.

Tomorrow a bunch of building materials will arrive, so I have to get myself down to the Canada Customs at 8am to pay the sales tax. By now I have customs receipts enough I could I sure paper our bedroom with it.

Ok, and then we have the pics from yesterday and ‘yesteryear’. Have a gooood look at it. These 25 years are gone and I can see it. But where are they?
DSC_0020-mi  And here we go…  DSC_0006-mi  Pretty nicely decorated that cake
DSC_0017  Geez…who’s that? DSC_0001-mi                 Roses for the Lady

Keep your eyes looking for more!

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  1. Happy Anniversary - May has been a great month for celebrating anniversaries for a lot of folks. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole southeast burns up this summer. They are having record heat and absolutely no sign of rain. Everything is so dry. Really sad and scary.

  2. Happy Anniversary - heck, you both still look pretty young and haven't changed much from your wedding photos.

  3. Liked the photo of you guys sitting at the pie table. Nice lighting.

  4. Wonderful ! What a good looking couple .... I don't know how you both stay so trim with the delicious baking around. I also like the colourful plate you gave Bea..... saw it on the table.
    Your home always looks so inviting and comfy. I wish you many more years of "Happy Times Together "


  5. Happy Anniversary, to such a young looking couple, hardly any change at all after 25 years. Here's wishing you many more great years together.

  6. Happy 25th! You guys look as good now as you did 25 years ago. The pie and cake look delicious.

  7. Happy Anniversary.... hope the next quarter century is as happy!

  8. Loved the 'then' and 'now' pics !!


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