Monday, February 6, 2012

Still ten more days until Peter is back again.

I will fill in for him. Here we go:

Usually I start the day with checking out the local weather and reading what is going on around the world. Today I didn't.
The day started nice and clear. Since I had nothing else to do I decided to clean the exterior of our motor-home. Dust made the surface dull and water run-off left ugly stripes on the surface.

Up and down the ladder I climbed, several buckets of water were used. After some hours the task was completed and I could see how my car was mirrored in the surface. Nice.

A friendly neighbour  came over for a chat: "Hey, I see you worked hard today. Do you know that there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow?"

"Nooooo. That cannot be true"!
Is it a case of "Murphy's Law"? Every time I clean the windows it is guaranteed to rain? Cannot be true. Every day there are many housewives cleaning windows worldwide, it would be raining constantly, or? 
Maybe it is just an unlucky coincident.
Next time I make sure to check on the weather first.
My Jeep mirrored - so clean!

How long will it last?
Bea - hoping the rain goes somewhere else.


  1. We eat and we get hungry again,we clean and it gets dirty again -but we still continue doing it.
    Next time I will park next to you ,so if did not have enough you can.....

    1. Isn't that awful! But cannot get around it. Using restaurants, maids and car wash businesses is not an option.
      Well, life is not whole if one hasn't something to complain about....:))

  2. Here's hoping that the forecast is wrong and you will have a clean rig at least for a few days! Looking good.

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  4. hopefully it lasts and Pete gets to see all your hard work when he returns...looks great :)


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