Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It aint't gonna be boring 
A relative had asked me what we were doing all day, when being out here in the desert. She wondered whether life would be boring. Of course, we all know that that’s not the case. However, sometimes we get into  some unexpected occupations like f.ex. I did today. 
Moping it up...

The "Corpus Delicti"
I had been sitting at the dinette staring into cyber space when I heard Bea scream in the bathroom.
What had happened now again??
Well, as it turned out the water line behind the toilet had popped an water was gushing out, flooding our lovely home. Yep, pump was working!
After shutting down the pump we assessed the damage. Luckily the motorhome was slanting a bit towards the kitchen, so the water had run over to that side and found its way out from under the slide and filled our baggage compartment. Now, it was another lucky thing that it had not been running more than probably 5-7 minutes, before Bea, coming out of the bedroom, had noticed it.
Bea moped up the water inside, while I took care of the baggage compartment. With the sun shining full power and a slight wind, everything will dry up in no time.
But I needed to fix the water pipe. In a tight corner the glued-on elbow had popped up from the downward water pipe. I had “fixed” that once earlier and met the problem that the residential-type elbow was made of a different sort plastic than the RV-type water pipe, so I had used a glue for PVC pipes only. This time I made sure I got a glue good for PVC CPVC and ABS plastics.
While I was scurrying off to town and the Hardware Store I saw something that made me stop the car. A guy was about to trim down Orange and Lemon trees with the fruits still on!

DSC_0015-mi DSC_0014-mi
I quickly got one of our big shopping bags out and filled it to the brim. These oranges are very sour and cannot be enjoyed raw, but they sure make for excellent bitter orange marmalade. I picked a few big lemons too!
After I had fixed the water pipe I went ballistic in the kitchen department. Two neighbor ladies popped in staring in disbelief. Here I was chopping and peeling oranges by the dozens, then filling every pot I could find in the cupboard. Well, it took me the better part of the day, but now we are the lucky owners of 6 well-filled glass jars of wonderful orange marmalade.

A couple of new followers have found it worth their while to spend some time reading our blog and we hope they will have enough fun to stay on a while.
Welcome "purplerain", "The odd essay", "DearlittleMermaid", and "Jim and Rosie Sathe".


  1. Both Kathy and I hate to see any kind of food wasted. We're glad to see you made good use of those oranges that otherwise would probably have ended up rotting in a pile somewhere.

    Kathy also offered her services if you needed a taste tester to try them out.

  2. Great that you god the water leak fixed before to much flooding, and the marmalade sound fantastic! Good going guys.

  3. wow great looking marmalade...and to think the main ingredient was free :)...so sorry about the water but glad you were home when it happened. We also encountered water all over our kitchen floor a couple of days ago. Mr Rick didn't shut the fridge door tight (I keep telling him you gotta wait for the click) and it was defrosting itself...thankfully we were here and it wasn't open long..and heck the fridge needed a defrosting anyway...have a super week...

  4. Looks to me like somebody has been tasting that marmalade. Moping up water is not fun but I'm glad you caught it before it had emptied your tank.

  5. Talk about a busy day, glad you got the leak fixed and were there when it happened. Delicious looking marmalade enjoy.


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