Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Really Warming Up!
When temperatures are reaching 80F (26C) and above our activities seem to diminish with every degree the themometer climbs higher. It so happened today. After a lazy morning, broken only by juicing the remaining oranges and neighbor lady stopping by for a chat, we had ourselves our daily bowl with oats, and then it was napping time. 

Having a dog means that one has to go for a walk from time to time. We do that every morning before the sun makes our skin throw blisters, but then in the afternoon hours Molly starts coming up to us looking into our face an there is simply no room for misunderstandings. She wants another walk. So one of us is going with her. 

Yesterday evening we got invited for a Chilli supper with the neighbors from Saskatchewan. It was still warm enough to enjoy supper outside under the awning. Then we went to a bonfire at the host station. It is just another thing Molly knows about. Once in a while when there is no bonfire, and we stay home, Molly is giving us the looks, walking up and down the floor. The reason for that is easy to understand, as there is alway someone around the fire who is carrying a goodie for Molly in his pocket. And when the treat is gone, she keeps coming back again and again to sniff at the person's pocket for more treats. The ways of a dog...

I met a couple from Alaska today. They had parked their rig along the road. 

And what a rig it was. Perched on the flatbed of their FUSO-truck was a true Alaska wooden cabin with a pitched roof, residential-style windows and inside most of the features one would expect in a small RV, except that the only feature which was really out the RV-World was a propane cooking range. Everything else they would have to go to a lumber mart to get replaced or fixed.

I got even more surprised when I saw a row of pictures of other motor homes they have owned. One, a 38ft wooden motor home, they still have at home. 
And the owners, John and Linda just returned from Mexico and when I came down, John was re-varnishing the outside of the rig. Don't see that every day!

This posting got published a bit too early and before I had a chance to add the pics. So I repost it again.


  1. Sure doesn't take the furkid long to catch on to rituals does it....looks like you had a great day!!

  2. I agree that it is warming up and I don't like it. The low 70's are fine but not the low 80's. I guess we don't have a say in it though. Oh well, if we hang around long enough, I'm sure it'll change.

  3. That is one amazing RV. Unlike Jeri - I like the 80's, so I'm a happy camper. And who could resist Molly.

  4. It's been HOT here in Yuma as well. I'm fine with that as long as I can stay in the shade.
    That sure is one amazing looking rig for sure.


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