Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's up?
Today there is nothing much to report.
We are enjoying a lot of very nice weather out here, and tomorrow it's gonna be even warmer (84F). But do we complain about hot weather? Noooo we don't. 
But the bugs are coming, you say? 
Yeah, there are a few, but so far it hasn't been too bad. Lizards are around as well, but what about snakes? Aren't snakes working under the same conditions as lizards? I think they do. So be aware of snakes when venturing out in the hot desert sun. 

We are planning a trip out into the Borrego area again. Spring flowers are always a wonderful sight and worth the drive, and Borrego is a world reknown area for the early spring blooms. Of course, when doing the drive west we are also bound to end up in Julian. 
Julian has a famous bakery and I can kinda smell the apple pies all the way over here. And you know what that does to me, right?

And I guess that's it from here for today.

And if you feel it's getting too hot, stay in the shade!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. We noticed all the beautiful flowers today too. Spring is sure getting an early start it seems this year but love the flowers.

  2. Definitely starting to bloom up here in AJ also. Seems strange to see all the green and blooms in February. Now I want a piece of pie.

  3. Oh wow! Our son will be in town for a few days. Maybe we will take a day trip up there to see the flowers.

  4. now I'm craving apple pie..:)....nice to see the flowers and to hear you folks are enjoying great weather


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