Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thanks gals and guys for the pat on the shoulder! I liked that.
A-pat-on-the-shoulder (web image)
And I cannot stop writing either.
What am I going to do all day today?

Off course - keeping track of the flight. That is neat. I can see where the flight is at any time. Now the airliner is somewhere over Chicago, IL. Still 20 min before landing......

OK he is back on American soil. After 9 hours 22 minutes.
Status:  Arrived at gate 7 minutes ago 
Now he has just to get on the flight to San Diego, CA ......
There we go! The plane took off. 3 hours and 53 minutes until arrival in San Diego. I am on may way soon!

And finally he arrived:

End of story.

Oh - I forgot to mention that it did rain the whole night, lots. 
The birds were delighted! They used the puddles as bath tubs. 
One even put his head under water. I had to laugh because it looked so funny!

A Chipping Sparrow is ready for it's bath...
...and head under water to clean the ears...
..a bath is so refreshing!

A White-Crowned Sparrow...
..litteraly stood on it's head in the puddle...
...and the tail has to be washed too! 
Now drying itself in the Salt Cedar Needles


  1. Yes you are excited and the birds are too, great pictures!

  2. Almost home. Yes!!!! Love the bird pictures.

  3. Nice to hear that Peter is back home. Enjoyed seeing the bird pictures. Have a great day!

  4. The picture shows Peter is really glad to be home. He looks as ahappy as the birds in their bath. Welcome back Peter!


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