Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Annual Holtville Carrot Parade

While Peter is still away, I went with a friend to watch the 65th Carrot Parade. Celebrating the  producing and harvesting of lots of fresh vegetables in this area.
I have already seen it several years in a row but, again I took many photos. 

Lots of spectators, the weather was brilliant, though on the breezy side.
All the schools contributed with their music corps, various businesses had their floats nicely decorated.

The Centre Piece of the Day

The Cattle Rodeo Queen
Actually, if you went to see the the Christmas Parade you probably have seen it 
all, but so what? Parades are fun and entertaining. The theme for this season: "Home is Best" and "The Wizard of OZ."

Horses for the Ladies...
The down side of it: It marks the beginning of the end for our stay down here in the California. In only a few weeks time we will be on our way home again.

I let the photos speak for themselves.

Look at that seat!

This horse danced to the beat of the band.
and more cars for the guys..

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  1. It is too soon to go home! I bet the weather is still too cold back home. I hope you can stay a little while longer.

  2. It'll be so good when Peter is back. I know how much I'm missing Jim and he's just 15 miles up the road. The parade looks like a great time.

  3. great pictures Bea...your doing a great job while Peter is wont be long now he will be back...the countdown is sorry to hear about the batteries...


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