Monday, February 27, 2012


It could have been named SEE-WORLD as there is indeed a lot to SEE in this world, they have created in San Diego.
And we had the pleasure of seeing it back in February 2009. Now, I had never been into anything like this, so it sure was a big experience. Besides of all the animals in the water there were also flamingos and a lot of other birds to see. A special attraction was the pet-animal show, or what do you say to a white cat vanishing in a hole and coming back out as a black cat? Just to mention a simple example of what I remember.

White Beluga Whale

And this girl was up to get a ride on a Dolphin

The main attraction nobody misses is the show with
the Orcas

These clowns had a good time with their trainer and 
gave us a good laughter

7 Days left in Holtville!

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  1. I haven't been to Sea World since the 1970's so I would love to go back again. Maybe someday.


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