Saturday, February 18, 2012

From the baggage jungle it popped up again today and was brought out to the Hot Springs. Because of the closed-off bridge the delivery took on the character of a secret spy-exchange on an international bridge. The baggage courier on one side and me on the opposite. You know the kind of when the Russians returned one of the U.S.-spies, caught in the act, and the Americans returned a Russian spy.

After 10 hrs of being sound asleep last night I am getting back to my normal state of mind. That is if there is anything which can be called normal for me.

I sure enjoy being back in the bright light of the California sun and pulling on my shorts. I even had my morning coffee at 7am OUTSIDE!

Bea is back in the cooking business. Sounds incredible to me when she says she'd been living on cold food most of the time. 

Nothing more to say today, so I better shut up, right?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. nice to see that you are back and have done the EXCHANGE across the bridge. All is good now.

  2. Luggage safely rescued. Check. Bea cooking again. Check. Sunshine and shorts. Check and Check. Yep life is getting back to normal.

  3. Welcome home Peter!!! Bea did a fantastic blog job while you were gone..:) glad your back safe and sound and now rested up!! Party on!


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