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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Last Week
The last week at the Hot Springs is starting tomorrow. 
Hard to believe that we have spent 4 months down here already.
Coming Sunday we will be pulling out spending one night in Yuma, for getting our awning adjusted on Monday. Then we will take off to Quartzsite where we will be spending another night, and finally we will be going to a BLM area near Wickenburg,AZ. Al from the Bayfield Bunch posted a useful hint about the area at the Vulture Peak Road the other day. That's where I will be spending a few days after dropping Bea of at the Phoenix Airport. 
I am thinking of going down to the Why area the following week.

And now I have a funny one from a real RV'er for you:

In most jurisdictions it is strictly forbidden to transport people in a travel trailer. That was also the case in Germany, when a family was going down the Autobahn with mother in law having a nap in their travel trailer.
When they had a pit stop at a rest area everybody got out and also mother in law had to go some place private.

Returning to the rig everybody got in the car and off they went down the Highway.  What they did not know was that mother in law had needed a bit of extra time and was now standing quite lost on the parking lot looking for help. It was when a police cruiser pulled in that she told the officers about her being left behind by the family. The helpful officers placed mother in law in the backseat, turned on their lights and whisked her down the Autobahn after the RV. 
Pretty soon they saw the rig going the allowed 50mph in the right lane. After stopping them they left mother in law in hiding in the backseat. They went over the driver and demanding to see papers. Then they asked him to open up the travel trailer. The man got pretty nervous and while he opened the door he admitted that his mother in law was napping in there. However looking inside he realized that that was not the case anymore. Now he was really nervous, and it was time for the officers to produce his mother in law from the backseat of their cruiser. I've heard that he gladly accepted the ticket in exchange for getting back his mother in law.

Make sure everybody is aboard before you go on!

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  1. I can't believe it's time for you guys to head back to Canada already. I sure hope we get to meet up again next year someplace. I loved the story about the mother-in-law. Too funny.

  2. Enjoy your last week at the Hot Springs and travel safely.


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