Friday, February 17, 2012

After less than 4hrs. of sleep
Wow! Good to be back in a normal environment. I'm sure gonna have a couple of naps today, but for now my senses are wide awake and the first thing I want to do is say thanks to all of you guys out there for not "forgetting" us and the blog. THANKS also to Bea, who had an almost three week marathon of running the home and getting things done. Every day at 5pm the phone rang in Germany and we had the "Daily Chat" about what's new and what not.

I see you guys could even follow me in my flight tracks yesterday. Let me tell you what happened. 

After "loosing" my baggage on the run to Europe, (Ich hab' noch einen Koffer in (Berlin) Chicago..) I was eager not to loose it again. Yeah right!

The trouble began by mis-reading my itinerary. Departure time from Hamburg was NOT 2:38pm but 1:45pm! The lady behind the check-in counter gave me a frustrated look. (now I have the works with you)  
Desperately, she tried to find that last flight number from Chicago to San Diego on her screen - but that was not to be. So in all hurry (I had 20 minutes left to departure) she checked the heavy suitcase until Chicago (ORD) only, which was OK with me, as one has to drag that thing around for customs, anyway. But likewise, I also got two boarding cards only - the one to San Diego (SAN) missing.

A bus brought us out to the small Jet from Cimber Sterling Regional Airline. It was XXX..cold when we left the bus to walk up the gangway, but I dared to ask an employee, who I had seen being involved with pushing freight into the jet, whether or not she had seen that suitcase of mine, the one with the read safety strap around. She had seen TWO of those, which made me a Happy Camper.
From Copenhagen I was onboard of SK 943, a big AirBus 340, which was empty enough for me to share 4 seats with that guy from Jamaica.
Scandinavian Airlines: Airbus 340

9hrs later: The AirBus 340 had made a nice soft landing at O'Hare, and I was eager to pick up that piece of baggage for customs and re-check.  I was waitin' and waitin' and waitin'....and then the carousel stopped moving. No baggage for me! Good thing my lay-over was three hours so there was plenty time to file the "delayed baggage claim". The agent could inform me that my beloved suitcase was still enjoying the stay at the Hamburg International Airport.   
No doubt the result of my late Hamburg check-in.

So now, you know, I'm waiting for a ring from some baggage courier to get out here to the Hot Springs.

Keep it where it belongs!


  1. I still have a suitcase wondering around in the sky. The airlines was never able to locate it. So, I figure that it probably either now belongs to one of their baggage employees or is stuck rotating around earth. Glad you made it back safe and sound.

  2. Glad you made it even if your luggage didn't. I really hate to fly...

  3. So glad you are home with Bea and Molly. Sure hope your luggage shows up without any problems.

  4. After working in the Airlines for 30 years and flying numerous times I can relate to your feelings,once flying was a treat but now days it is a hustle.
    Any how you are back home and that what counts.


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