Friday, October 10, 2014

The Seemingly Endless Prairie Of North Dakota

As usual we left Minnesota before daylight had arrived. We were still talking about the incredible traffic chaos we had experienced the evening before. Today the I-94 was almost empty, a good sign that we had reached the wild plains of the west.
DSC_0320 DSC_0321
Pretty soon we crossed into North Dakota, the last state to go through before we would get back into Canada. Today we had a certain destination. We wanted to visit friends Diania and Glenn in Underwood, ND. We used to hang out in the California desert with them, but this would be the last chance to see them for the whole winter.
DSC_0328 DSC_0331
From Bismarck,ND we went north on Hwy 83 and arrived at Underwood at mid-afternoon.
DSC_0342 DSC_0344
The sun was out, it was a beautiful day and we seated ourselves outside and had a lot of catching-up to do.  Other friends from nearby came by as well and we all sat down to a delicious ham home-cooked ham dinner.
Tomorrow we have to do the miles up to Saskatoon where we will be visiting our friend Carol.
But that could become the next story and if you hang in here you might get to read about it.


  1. Sure glad to see that you stopped for a visit and a rest !!

  2. Looks like we nearly crossed paths somewhere by about a day. Isn't it great to be away from all that Eastern traffic chaos & madness.

  3. You're going the wrong way! See you in the south.

  4. Hey Peter, I'm kind of confused! Are you traveling with a trailer? Why are you staying in motels? I read all the recent posts but couldn't figure it out. Where are you headed for the winter?

    1. Jill, pls. read the previous blog postings. Our trailer has been in Edmonton all summer and I work there.


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