Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 01 And I Am Soo Excited

With September behind me, I am now looking forward to 2 weeks off the job and traveling east to where my heart is and will always be: Bea, Molly and Campobello Island.

After 6 months out west I long to see the salty waters of the Bay of Fundy and I don’t mind if the weather might be cloudy. I will ENJOY home like never before.

But first I have to clear up ship here. Tomorrow I will be starting with getting the laundry done. Then I will dump the trailer and winterize, as it might get frosty before we are here again in the middle of the month.

I will have to pack my suitcase and print out my flight itinerary. My flight goes at 9pm from Edmonton and I will touch down at St.John Airport at around 11:30am next day. Yup, it’s a night flight. Since Bea has booked a doctors appointment that morning, I will have to wait until she makes it out to the city. 
Unfortunately, our house rental deal went down the drain as the owner decided to sell the house instead. Too bad….but I might have found an alternative housing. Just not quite sure yet.
I have never seen a housing market as hot as in Edmonton. Of course the prices are there after. It’s called the “Alberta advantage”.  For what you pay for a rental over 3 years you can buy a house many other places.

Anyway, I just made my last 760kms for the next 2 weeks and I’m bushed.
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  1. I well understand those great feelings of flying home after a long time away. Did that a few times many years ago & it was always an excitably fine time.

  2. So excited for you to be home again. Have a fantastic time and relax. Long walks with Molly.

    1. THX, Sandie & Jim. We will miss you and the south this year.

  3. Stepping onto the plane will feel so good - you'll be on your way! Hugs to Bea and pets to Molly - have a GREAT time! :)


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